Michelle Snow Ice City, Sweet Honey

蜜雪冰城 甜蜜蜜 Michelle Snow Ice City, Sweet Honey

“洗脑神曲” Brainwashing Divine Comedy


“Michelle Ice City Sweet Honey is the theme song of Michelle Ice City recently. “You love me ~ I love you ~ Michelle Ice City honey ~” is one of the most popular lyrics. You can almost go to any Michelle Ice City and hear this piece of brainwashing music. The song is also called the Divine Comedy of Michelle Ice City.”

Basically, you can’t go to the front door of any Michelle Ice City these days without hearing this very brainwashing music, which is also known as the Divine Song of Michelle Ice City.

When you first heard Michelle Ice City’s theme song: What the hell is this? When you hear the theme song for the NTH time: You love me ~ I love you ~ Michelle Ice City sweet honey. It really drive you crazy,uhh!


During the disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan province, in the short video of Michelle Ice City reporting safety, a form of personnel information statistics at any time made everyone feel that Michelle Ice City attaches importance to the personal safety of employees, and during the epidemic, this form began to update every day. “Updated! Update!”

Every afternoon, The Staff of Michelle Ice City will be reminded to fill in the form containing basic personal information, nucleic acid test status and epidemic prevention information of the community in time in the wechat group, so as to know the health and safety of the staff in time.

Affected by the epidemic, everyone in Michelle Ice City, like millions of other Zhengzhou people, abided by the local epidemic prevention policy and worked at home, but through the Internet every day Michelle Ice City gathered everyone’s care together.

Safety first, life first, Michelle ice City has always adhered to the principle. After the disaster, in order to ensure that stores and people health, food safety and health honey snow in daily xiaosha measures on the basis of the city has a strict stores sanitizers measures after a disaster.

More recently, Michelle made the upgrade for strengthening city stores for epidemic prevention and control measures, through temperature measurement, check code, wearing masks, measures “including disinfection,” one-meter line. ”

Michelle Ice City regards building a solid epidemic prevention barrier and serving epidemic prevention and control as the top priority. By strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control requirements, Michelle Ice City integrates love for consumers and employees into strict epidemic prevention measures.


You love me, I love you, Michelle ice City honey ~”(lyrics)

Recently walking in the street, there must be a lot of friends were brainwashed by this divine song, and even some Michelle Ice City store Haoheng said that if you sing this song to your face, you will directly send a cup of milk tea.

With the magic melody, Michelle Ice City successfully out of the circle. In fact, the original song is from the 1847 country ballad o Suzanne, written by American composer Stephen Foster. But now, thanks to the Internet effect, the song has spawned numerous spin-offs.

Open b station, you will find that Snow Ice City Sweet Honey “has become the new top stream of ghost animal area. Enthusiastic Internet users have adapted Peking Opera, Rap and electronic versions, and helped Michelle Ice City open stores in France, Italy and Russia.


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