Are You Polite? 你礼貌吗

English: Are you Polite?


Pinyin: Nǐ lǐmào ma

“Are you polite?” come from a Hunan TV show “The Year of The Singer.” ‌ Singer Geng Sihan asked Yuan Yawei for her wechat when they met for the first time. This shocked all the people present.

Seeing this impulsive behavior, Zhou Shen immediately stepped forward and repeatedly said, “Are you polite? Are you polite? Are you polite?” The expression and tone are very funny, so that the audience and the parties laugh off the matter.


In fact, Zhou Shen this kind of “half joking” way, both reminded a friend should first with “surprise object” (one side of the Jike Juan Yi) say hello, should not be so anxious to someone else girl’s wechat, and help a friend to avoid the situation of silence.


” Are you polite?” This sentence can be extended words and actions that are used in a playful response to the situation. It has since been widely used by netizens to criticize others’ improper behavior or to make fun of themselves.


Excuse me, are you polite?

In China blue TV wechat reply love bean name + chong ah

Add extra influence to love beans!

Who would have thought that zhang Hanyun, who sang “Sour and sweet is Me”, is 32 years old this year.

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