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“It’s good” is not the CSGO anchor called “eggplant.”. The original words are ” ’It’s good’, living in the mountains “It’s good””, because the anchor eggplant’s mandarin is not very good, so from its mouth to say such a sentence is transliterated by netizens over the meme.


From CS:CO anchor eggplant said when going out to play in a hotel video, the original video is presented from the first Angle of eggplant, but was taken by the opposite person of the third Angle of video, and the third Angle of view shows the image of eggplant naked only in his shorts. This picture with this sentence and a goose laugh, full of magic.

“It’s good” is “really good meaning”, because the anchor eggplant mandarin is not very good, so from its mouth to say such a sentence was transliterated by netizens over the stem, but also by all kinds of netizens ridicule such as: the side of the sinking boat thousands of sails, living in the mountains “It’s good”. A pair of flip-flops, go around the world “It’s good”. Another famous eggplant meme was used by netizens to ridicule, double ridicule double happiness, such as: my husband scolded me for “It’s good”, pigs in the mountains “It’s good” (because with PDD in the mountains).


Eggplant, originally named Wu Quanqing. A former CSGO pro, ZiNTHAI, eggplant’s team, was the dark horse at the end of CS 1.6.

Pose makes it to the WCG finals

In 2014, eggplant join TyLoo team as the main being + the burden of command, but in an IEM Taipei station group, eggplant TyLoo clan was officially named, because someone reported eggplant used in the game a V club anti-cheating system VAC banned account so eggplant since can’t go to any V club events, Then Tyloo team chose to abandon the match after fruitless communication with the official.

Eggplant with high popularity with the fire of CS: GO game, but also in douyu live become a first-class anchor, many famous scenes, is also a very interesting anchor. In CS: Go live because of a sentence to give, the fire all over the Internet.


 (Video ”Shape of you ” from Bilibili) (Video from Bilibili)

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