The Chinese never lie to the Chinese

The Chinese never cheat. The Chinese come from a chat record between a Taobao buyer and a Taobao seller. 中国人不骗中国人


The buyer was afraid that what he bought was fake, so he asked the seller to say that the Chinese did not cheat the Chinese. However, the seller was unwilling to answer. Presumably, his conscience was condemned and dared not answer. Therefore, this meme quickly became popular and became a consensus between the buyer and the seller that the Chinese did not cheat the Chinese.

The meme is a variant of “Chinese don’t beat Chinese” (from the drama underground transportation station), which appeared very early. Now “Chinese people don’t cheat Chinese people” has become a small coup with businesses and a product case between sisters.


Recently, an online recording of a police woman and telephone fraud was exposed, which was hilarious. The interesting dialogue and witty response made netizens praise the police woman one after another.

Recently, Ren Qinqin, an online anti fraud policewoman on duty in Kaifeng, suddenly received a call from a foreign place. In the call, the other party claimed to be the customer service staff of ant financial service. She had three years of anti fraud experience. Ren Qinqin suddenly realized that the other party was a telephone fraud.

The witty Ren Qinqin didn’t hang up. She pretended she didn’t understand. She questioned that the other party’s Mandarin was not standard and asked a customer service with good Mandarin to call her. The liar was really caught up. She quickly changed a colleague and continued to call officer Ren.

The swindler said that when Ms. Ren went to school in Henan police school, she opened Huabai and borrowed money overdue. Ren Qinqin, a professional, clearly knew that Huabai had not been online when she graduated from the police school in 2015. How could Tang police woman be fooled?

So, Ren Qinqin asked the other party, “what do you think police graduates usually do?” this question, which did not follow the script routine, directly confused the other party. For a moment, the other party was speechless. Officer Ren also said to read to me: the Chinese don’t cheat the Chinese, or hang up the phone. In order to retain Ms. Ren or have a brain short circuit, the liar really followed. Then Ren Qinqin warned the other party not to call fraud and hung up if he had a conscience.


“Chinese don’t cheat Chinese” has become a code word between buyers and sellers and melon eaters. The buyer is eager to try, but not sure, and tentatively throws the stem. Once the seller repeats this sentence, it seems that the two sides have reached a special agreement, established a certain identity connection outside the transaction relationship, and injected more trust into the business behavior.


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