Super Idol lyrics

Song title “Love You 105 Degrees”


Super Idol 的笑容都没你的甜 refers to cropped lyric from a Chinese song:

热爱105°C的你 by 阿肆

Rè’ài 105°C de nǐ.

You Who Love 105°C by ASi

The song gained popularity after Douyin user Zmcmtianyiming sang the song on his video.


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This is a very popular meme and only true Chinese meme scholars would understand. We know how popular this song has become and listed the english, chinese, and pinyin super idol lyrics below so you can sing along.


Chinese/Pinyin Version

Super Idol de xiaorong/Super Idol的笑容
Dou mei ni de tian/都没你的甜 Ba yue zhengwu de yangguang/八月正午的阳光
Dou mei ni yaoyan/都没你耀眼
Re’ai 105 °C de ni/热爱 105 °C的你
Di di qingchun de zhengliushui/滴滴清纯的蒸馏水


English Version

Super Idol has a smile
But it’s nothing like you
When the summer time comes
Not as hot as you

Doesn’t matter what you do to me

It’s like holy water to my soul


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