I’m Jealous

I am jealous/bitter

[Wǒ suānle] [我酸了]


“Wǒ suānle” (我酸了) is a Chinese slang phrase that translates to “I am jealous” or “I am bitter” in English. The term “suān” (酸) literally means “sour” in Chinese, but in this context, it refers to feeling jealous. It’s a colloquial expression used to convey feelings of envy or bitterness towards someone else’s success or good fortune. Sometimes, it’s expressed simply with the lemon (🍋) emoji, or both the phrase and the emoji are used together.

Example Usage:

Person 1: Your girlfriend is so beautiful.

Person 2: She can cook as well. 🥰

Person 1: 我酸了🍋

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