Gotham nightmare 哥谭噩梦


Recently, many people around are brushing a stem called “Gotham nightmare”. I saw someone change their social media ID to “Gotham nightmare”. Some people who don’t know what’s going on think that DC has some super villains again, but DC hasn’t produced animated films these days.

In fact, this stem has nothing to do with DC, not to mention Batman Series. Its popularity is entirely due to a short video, which is called Gotham nightmare. It was originally a popular online video carried by an up master.

However, because this video is magical and funny, the number of hits soared quickly, becoming a popular short video similar to the master of video stream and Ollie GEI.



Originally, the author was a net celebrity who liked to shoot short videos. In the video of Gotham nightmare, he disguised himself as the “clown” of the famous villain in DC, so he had the stem of “Gotham nightmare”.

This video of every hue and fire soon became the object of many UP’s spoils, and the two creation began to produce crazy output. The background music and the magic “Cheuk” in the video became the symbol of brother Gotham’s nightmare.

Now, if you open many Batman and clown videos to watch, you may see bullet screen brush “Zhuo”, brush “you let me lose so thoroughly”… And other “classic quotes.”


If the master and the clown can talk to the barrage, their lines may be: “you let me lose so thoroughly”.


Refer to the examples

In this regard, netizens commented one after another: “the clown is actually myself.” “Batman ran away with Gotham all night.”

The night sky is always overcast, weird Gothic buildings stand tall, under the flashiness of the surface, and dirt is hidden in the dark lane. This is one of the highest crime rates in the United States. The most important transportation in Gotham is rail transit. Rail transit system is very developed.

Gotham is a place of interest in the American comic world. Because of Batman, as soon as the police officer turns on the sky bat signal at night, he immediately appears and waits for the request. Gotham contains Gothic architecture and dark fear, so its location is in the eastern United States, next to the Atlantic Ocean.


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