Lost the Korean market

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“Lost Korean market”  is in fact, a stem that refers to a hand gesture.

In South Korea, you must be careful to use this expression, because at a time when the relations between men and women in South Korea is extremely serious, this expression is interpreted as an insult, that is, laughing at the “size” of Korean men’s  genitals.


Most Koreans believe that the gesture is actually a customary way to express “small” and is intended to belittle Korean men. Therefore, Korean men feel sensitive and angry in the face of this publicly provocative gesture. Therefore, as long as this gesture appears, it will be resisted by Korean men.

Before, the gesture made by my widowed sister and the women’s group was also resisted by Korean netizens.

Recently, Korean men have been annoyed by McDonald’s. Because of such a gesture, on January 20, McDonald’s tweeted “(pinch gesture) take French fries”, which was directly boycotted by comments from Korean netizens.


“Lost Korean market” extension:

This stem finally extends to that as long as you make a pinch gesture, you will be resisted by Korean netizens, that is, the so-called “loss of the Korean market”

In the final analysis, it is meaningless to forcibly map other people’s ordinary words and deeds to themselves, or even as a disguised insult and insidious irony. 


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