Don’t Fight Anymore

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Recently, a tv show clip of an awkward dance and fight became popular on the Internet. Two men glared at each other. People thought a bloody fight would ensue, but the two men unexpectedly broke into a hip hop dance battle. The line “Don’t fight again” became popular from this clip.


“You Don’t Fight Anymore” comes from the Taiwanese TV series “Top of the Forbidden City”, which was released in 2004. Recently, this drama has suddenly exploded, and people are talking about this drama everywhere. It really made everyone laugh until their jaws dropped. It was said that it was really a trance drama at the time, but now it is really dark history.

The video that became popular on the Internet is that the female protagonist stops the two male protagonists from dancing in the rain in the rain, but seriously, why is this obviously an embarrassing dance, but the female protagonist keeps saying stop and stop fighting. Obviously they were fighting, but they started to dance awkwardly, but this awkward dance was also mixed with physical collisions.

Netizens are hotly discussing: “Don’t fight, you will die of exhaustion or embarrassment if you fight again”, “You have been caught in my awkward dance magic, and you will surely die after a hundred years”, “You have been brushed to the point of embarrassment and terminal cancer these days.” “”Top of the Forbidden City” is finally going to be known to more people. When I saw it a few days ago, I was thinking what the hell I was watching, but I thought it was pretty good.”

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In the Taiwanese TV series “Top of the Forbidden City“, there is such a line, that is, “Don’t fight anymore, you can’t kill people like this.” “Don’t fight anymore” comes from here. In the original episode, the two men faced out in an intense stare but, it was actually a dance battle. Then someone kept saying, “Don’t fight again, this way you can’t kill anyone”.

“Top of the Forbidden City” is a TV series premiered in Taiwan, China on May 9, 2004. The directors are Yang Xuan and Ding Yangguo, and the screenwriters are Huang Haoran, Ou Yuxian, and Zhao Zhijian. This TV series has a total of 26 episodes. The main characters are Cai Shangfu, Ji Yankai, Zeng Zhiqiao, Zhang Siping, Wang Shaowei, Liao Jun, Xu Huafeng, Gao Zhihong, Lian Weixiao, Kido, Darren, Xiao Liyang, Liu Liangzuo, Wang Renfu, Sun Xiezhi, Wang Yaoqing, Di Zhi Jay wait.

The TV series “Top of the Forbidden City” is about Sunny Day, the hero who loves dancing since childhood and is determined to join the Royal Dance Company of the Dynasty. Qingtian originally regarded Scorpio as an old enemy, and the younger sister fell in love with Scorpio, which inspired Qingtian’s determination to fight. After Qingtian gained the approval of the dance troupe boss through her hard work, she found out that the dance troupe boss was the mother who abandoned her back then. Faced with life experience and future, Sunny didn’t know how to choose for a while. Two people with different personalities and backgrounds, namely Qingtian and Scorpio, will finally accept the final challenge, and will fight to the death at the top of the Forbidden City to gain the position of the male protagonist.

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