Chin 上巴

English: Chin


Pinyin: Shàng bā



The stalk of the chin actually refers to the people in the face, which has no special meaning, mainly because the behavior of the person described by the party is rather funny.

In an interview video, a man was beaten in a quarrel with a man, but he kept pointing at the man, but he didn’t know how to describe it. Under the anxiety, he thoughtfully said a word “Stop”, which also successfully amused the audience, and this stalk has been used by everyone since then;

Later, with the speed of Internet dissemination, netizens’ rectification behavior, facing the ditch on the back, netizens also came up with a new term “back bar” based on the stalk of the chin. Therefore, the upper jaw on the Internet refers to the meaning of human beings, and the rear jaw is the groove on the back of the human body, which is also called the backbone of the Chinese people.



What does “upper” mean? Where is the stalk?

“上巴” actually refers to the part of people’s “people”. This stalk comes from a news interview video. After a man had an argument with someone, the other party punched someone, but he didn’t know this in people. What is the name of the place, so I thought about it and said “because he punched my uh… chin”. In his logic, if the mouth is the center, the bottom is called “chin”, and the top is called “chin”, which made netizens burst into laughter.

What’s the meaning of “back”?

“Back Bar” refers to the funny name that netizens have for the groove on the back of the human body. This stalk originally came from the reply to this question:

A netizen asked what the ditch on the back should be called, and then one person said that he came up with the name “back chin” based on the position of “chin” and “upper chin”. This netizen is really too much. I will learn and use it, hahahaha


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