Lao Liu 老六

Lao Liu


Pinyin: Lǎo liù

The meme of Lao Liu first came from the game “CSGO”. At the beginning, Lao Liu referred to the free people in the game, which means that the level of the game is superb and the operation is very good.


The meme of Lao Liu comes from the game “CSGO”, which refers to free people with great skills. In the CSGO game competitive mode, there are only five people on each side, but there are many points to watch. Basically, every tactic requires everyone to participate. , so usually those who cut off the Yin person by themselves are called Lao Liu. The free man in CSGO refers to the character with super high level, top thinking and operation level, who can turn the tide by one person, similar to the “playing wild” in the game “moba”.


The one who doesn’t play well in the game is called the sixth. This stalk is actually a general reference. For example, in the game “old six” also refers to those who don’t follow the big army, don’t listen to commands, don’t help teammates, and only like to hide in the corner alone. However, as this meme becomes more and more popular, more and more people play this meme. Now this meme can not only be used in the game circle, but can also be used to ridicule others for being speechless and funny.



Some gamers who don’t play very well in the game are also called the old sixth. Some newbies who have just started playing games, or old players who have been playing for a long time but have not been able to improve their game skills, often do not follow their teammates in the game, do not listen to their teammates’ commands, and do not listen to teammates when they are knocked down. go for help and stay away from other enemies.

Lao liu also refers to the Liuwa of the seven brothers of the gourd baby. The seven brothers of the gourd baby are powerful, the second baby is smart, the third baby is brave and tough, the fourth baby can handle fire, and the fifth baby can control the flood. People are born with the special ability to be invisible and transparent, and at the same time, the old sixth in Internet terms.

Everyone hates the sixth, but they all want to be the sixth, so they should be as honest as elementary school students and keep working hard: strive to be the sixth.

The sixth is a person who is more like eating chicken and playing, and then is more insidious and prefers to do sneak attacks behind the scenes. This kind of person is more annoying, so if you want to scold you when you meet the sixth, it is also human nature. , If we better control our emotions, then we will reap more happiness in the game.

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