Thank Q

Thank Q


Pinyin: shuān Q

Shuan Q, an online catchword, is derived from the pronunciation of the English phrase “thank you”. The original meaning of English is “thank you”. Later, it was derived from the emotion of expressing that he was speechless and hated something.


Shuan Q comes from the voice shaking blogger @TeacherLiu. This blogger is self-taught in English. He practices his speaking in English every day, but what makes people laugh is that his English pronunciation has a strong personal color and accent.

In a tiktok video, after saying “Guilin’s (桂林) landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo 阳朔) is the best in Guilin”, he welcomed everyone with an english sentence, “welcome to guilin, welcome to yangshuo, thank you (Shuan Q)].”

The sound of Shuan Q is very funny, and attracts many people to imitate it. Since then, many people have used Shuan Q to represent thank you.


We can extend to another meme according to Shuan Q. [I’m really thank you] This meme comes from the catchphrase of the funny microblogging blogger Hen N0. Every time the blogger encounters some situations that make people speechless, he will say this sentence, especially when posting microblogs, he likes to bring “I really will thank you”. The meaning can be expressed according to different contexts. Most of them are jokes about people or things that make people depressed in life.


Shuan Q and I will really thank this meme, which is merged into “I really shuan Q”, which means speechless. Of course, you can also simply express your thanks for your feelings.

If I am late for work today, I really feel that I am late today. I am not happy, unhappy, and I am in a low mood.

In fact, this English teaching blogger is a farmer, but he has worked hard to learn English by himself, and he also perseveres in speaking English every day, but his pronunciation is still somewhat non-standard. After translating the sentence “Guilin has the best landscape, and Yangshuo is the best in Guilin”, he said “welcome to guilin, welcome to yangshuo, thank you”, because the pronunciation of “thank you” in this sentence is very similar to “tie Q”, which is very magical, The netizens scrambled to imitate, and then the stem became angry.



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