Qinghai Rock

Qinghai Rock


Pinyin:qīng hǎi yáo

The meme refers to an up-and-coming dance move on the internet that is a bit of a social rocker, but incorporates elements of Qinghai.


Similar to the early Xi’an Shake, the Qinghai folk dance moves have been added to the dance moves of the Social Shake, hence the name. The movements of the Qinghai Rock are very large in amplitude and very ethnic in character, with the unique plateau of the region and the vast sky, which makes people fall deeply into it.


The reason why this meme is hot is a short video blogger inside the jittery voice regular army @ Liu Shiyao’s a section of the Qinghai Rock dance works to share, he and his partners behind him neatly, the degree of proficiency is not inferior to any of the domestic male groups, giving people an “old generation of artists” atmosphere.  He oozed calm and relaxed confidence, this dance moves with any song are not out of place, there is no Qinghai rocking card not on the rhythm. Professional dance moves video so attracted the majority of netizens a variety of whole living behaviour, after the second creation got: Qinghai rock, but the seven-coloured sunshine and other popular works.



Qinghai Shake is a kind of social rock dance steps similar to Xi’an Shake, this is based on the social rock and integrated into the folk dance of Qinghai, so it is called Qinghai Shake. Qinghai Shake is known to the netizens from the regular army @ Zhang Shiyao’s video, their movements are very neat, the video reveals the unique calmness and confidence of the older generation.

Combined with the video of stopping a dozen or so taxis at an intersection on the Internet, it was paired with a song that didn’t sound out of place, so the netizens went for a second creation. In the video every guy’s action is very neat and tidy, and with any song can be perfect card point. There are netizens commented to say “there is no Qinghai shaking card can not be on the rhythm”, it can be said that is very cow wave a very.

Inside the rock the most powerful protagonist is called Zhang Shiyao, his popularity in the fast hand out of the mirror is very high, Zhang Shiyao is also the first batch of fast hand out of the netizen, can not be said to be the oldest netizen, but also witnessed the rise and fall of the fast hand out of the mirror of the netizen, the amount of fans in that year reached three million, higher than a lot of actors and actresses, and finally was blocked, so why was Zhang Shiyao blocked it?

The Internet has been circulating the South Jitterbug North Racer saying, of course, this is not discrimination, we just feel that the anchor on the Jitterbug feel very much like southerners, say are very and gas, and fast hands of the young basically very much like northerners, speak are very loud moving to give a person feel like fighting, in fact, there is a reason, Jitterbug is generally more successful people or older to see as well as appearances, then the experience of society is a lot. Then the experience of society is a lot of, speak certainly also mild.

Zhang Shiyao Heroes:

While the fast hands are young, they simply have not experienced the poisonous beatings of society, do not know what is modest and humble, naturally give people the feeling that the sky is not afraid of the horizontal strength, Zhang Shiyao is belonging to the typical fast hands netroots, at the beginning of the fast hands have no popularity, the netroots are very few, so the conditions are put in place very wide, and the tube is not strict, but later on the fame is big, there are more people, and the management is also getting more and more in place A lot of bans were issued. The most basic requirements in the fast hand, he did not do, it is said that a large number of brush planning comments affect the fast hand user experience and so on will be blocked, which is not only responsible for the netizens, but also for the software in the long run an intention.

Zhang Shiyao’s number was actually blocked because it involved violence as well as brushing planning and abetting fans to brush gifts, all of which are violations, so it was finally blocked. Although Zhang Shiyao later wanted to change his number to appear in the film, but the popularity of the small number was too small, which led to Zhang Shiyao’s popularity has not been able to come up, and he can’t even be counted as a small netizen now. So he was gradually forgotten by netizens.


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