Sigma Emoji

Sigma emoji


Pinyin:Xī gé mǎ biǎo qíng

The sigma emoji refers to a micro-emoji action that has recently become very popular on the internet, which translates to the sigma emoji.


As a slang term for character classification, understood to mean lone wolf, their common characteristics are independence, self-discipline, not pursuing the opposite sex and respect for all. This emoticon is a classic micro-expression of Bateman in the American film “American Psycho”. Later with the extranet blogger @ Argenbay (Argen) imitation of his emoticon and burst on the network, emoticon also quickly out of the circle.


Recently in the network fire because of the extranet blogger @Argen Bay (Argen) a parody video, shooting the whole living paragraph about sigma, triggered by the behaviour of the followers. With the spread of network culture more and more people began to imitate this magic and full of deep meaning of the expression, especially refers to no need to socialise, strong ability, extreme self-discipline, high class characters. The whole live segment on the extranet platform about sigma, so that this sigma expression has become a network hot terrain, and thus imported into the country to be known by everyone. Imitation of emoticons at the same time with the “worth nothing” BGM, more magical brainwashing, to bring infinite fun to play terrier.


We did not think that a simple emoticon will also have a foreign and exclusive name, the recent global fire brainwashing “sigma emoji” has attracted everyone’s attention, is such a simple micro-expression is like a computer virus “erosion” of the global Netizens, so this emoticon terrier in the end is how it is? Here we go!

The sigma emoji is an Internet-based expression that was first popular in Western online communities and has since spread globally. The core idea is to use the mathematical symbol “Sigma” to describe an attitude of independence, self-discipline and non-conformity to social norms.

The origins of the sigma emoji can be traced back to the mid-2010s, when a number of Western online communities began discussing a lifestyle known as the “sigma male”. The so-called “Sigma Male” refers to those who pursue independence, self-discipline and are not bound by social norms. They are usually introverted and reticent, yet full of confidence and perseverance. This lifestyle has gradually become an online trend that has attracted the attention of many young people. With the popularity of the concept of “sigma man”, some netizens have started to use “sigma emoji” to describe this attitude towards life. This expression is usually represented by an emoticon with the sigma symbol (Σ). This emoticon has spread rapidly in the online community and has become a symbol of independence and self-discipline. At the same time, more and more netizens began to use this emoji to express their dissatisfaction with social norms and their desire for personal freedom.

The “Sigma Man” attitude of life represented by the Sigma emoji is actually a reflection and challenge to the values of modern society. In today’s society, many young people are bound by social norms and are unable to truly realize their self-worth. The independence and self-discipline conveyed by the sigma expression is a symbol of their desire to break free and pursue freedom. However, some people believe that sigma emojis place too much emphasis on individualism, which can easily lead to problems such as excessive narcissism and selfishness. Therefore, in pursuing the sigma attitude of life, we should maintain our independence and self-discipline while focusing on communication and co-operation with others to form a harmonious social environment.

Nowadays, people are generally in a state of “low desire”, no strong desire to shop, no desire to get married, and even no desire to fall in love. All are tightening consumption, the overall mentality tends to save more money, low consumption state.

Overall, sigma emoji is a controversial internet terrier, which represents an independent and self-disciplined attitude towards life and also reflects the diversity of values in modern society. In pursuing the sigma attitude of life, we should remain rational, pursuing personal freedom and paying attention to social harmony at the same time. Only in this way can we find true self-worth in this diversified world.


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