Sunny and Cheerful Big Boy

Sunny and cheerful big boy


Pinyin:yáng guāng kāi lǎng dà nán hái

Sunny and cheerful big boy is a very magical and cheerful brainwashing song on tiktok, and the title of the song is called “Sunny and cheerful big boy”.


The song was written to troll the pointless characterisations in script-killing games, it’s been used by everyone to make a joke out of it. In the network culture, in the face of some of the characters do not have any meaning of existence, we can use “sunshine cheerful big boy” to connote, and cheerful netizens are somewhat similar.


Sunny and Cheerful Big Boy is a meme that has recently flopped again, this word seems to be a good word, it seems to describe a big boy with a sunny appearance and inner cheerfulness, but in the network terminology, the surrogate refers to some meaningless roles in the scripted kills, for example, some roles are described as: a cheerful boy, a sunny cheery big boy, this kind of roles generally have very low existence, and a great likelihood of the whole process of accompanying the runners. As a marginal role in the game of scripted murder has indeed brought us many disturbing moments, so this song has also triggered the resonance of netizens. It reflects the fact that society is also a game of script killing, everyone is hiding from each other, refusing to tell the final truth, everyone is trapped in the game of “life”.



After reading this explanation, netizens found that in their daily life, they are the real version of “Sunny and Cheerful Big Boy”, and they are the living “meaningless characters”. Recently, this term has become popular again, probably because many people have started to use the song “Sunny and Cheerful Big Boy” to make some second creation videos.

Because the content can cause everyone to resonate and smile, coupled with the “sunshine cheerful big boy” rhythm or something is still very good, can be said to be catchy, listen to more will produce “earworm” phenomenon, in the brain around the beam for three days, accidentally out of the mouth and cause the social death of the incident and once again flipped fire.

You know best what you are.

This phrase is mainly used to denote some insignificant role one plays in life.

The other dark line is about the contemporary young people who are marginalised by the society and are powerless and unable to change their destiny under the wheel of history. The “Sunny and Cheerful Big Boy” represents the contemporary young people, who are sunny, cheerful, optimistic, energetic, full of vigour, and “with a smile on the corner of their mouths”, who are supposed to be the main force of the times and the society, but seem to be the participants of the society, but in fact, they cannot do anything, and must pay their own value (including but not limited to money and time).

The blogger spouted off about the dispensable characters in the scripted kills – so little to do with the plot that all he could do was smile – and wrote the song.  However, the original song’s “sunny and cheerful big boy” refers to the author’s boring characterisation. The “sunshine big boy” terrain of the Three Kingdoms is even better, because Xu Sheng is known as the “netherworld military general”. Not only is there a “big boy in the sun” terrain in Three Kingdoms, but also King Lanling of King of Glory, Joker of League of Legends, and Malik of Game of Thrones are all known as “big boys in the sun”. What they all have in common is that they have a dark heart and a vicious hand.


During the epidemic, salary cuts, layoffs, unemployment, returning home, taking out loans, getting married, giving birth to children …… all kinds of frustrations in life aggravated the already irreconcilable contradictions and tormented the young people, so they cried out from the bottom of their hearts, “What is the meaning of existence? “What is the meaning of existence?

Though basically most of the second creation is simply looking at the lyrical jigsaw puzzle than the original song which is quirky with a little bit of depth. But it does prove that “Big Sunny Cheerful Boy” is indeed a great song with a brainwashing melody and catchy lyrics.


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