Lil Ghost (Wang Lin Kai)

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Creator: Wang Lin Kai

Lil Ghost, real name Wang Linkai, was born on 20 May 1999 in Haiyang City, Yantai City, Shandong Province, and grew up in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, a male rap singer, film and television actor in Mainland China, and a student in the 2016 class of the Pop Dance Department of the Beijing Modern Music Training Institute.

In just a few years, Wang Lin Kai has gradually made a name for himself in the Chinese music industry with his hard work and talent. His music works are of various styles, covering pop, rock, electronic and other genres, which are popular among young people. In addition, Wang Linkai has also ventured into the film and television industry, acting in many productions and variety shows, including “Idol Practitioner”, “Tian Tian Xiang Shang”, “Heavenly Voice”, etc. He has demonstrated his multi-faceted talent. His followers on douyin is over 6.684 million.

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You can watch one of Wang Lin Kai’s meme from bilibili.

About one of his meme:

It’s so cool(Lil Ghost Wang Lin Kai)

The “It’s so cool” stunt originated from a talented singer – Lil Ghost Wang Lin Kai, from Wang Lin Kai in the concert said: “I’m a particularly stubborn person, I never care what people tell me to do. what to tell me to do. If you can be like me, then I think it’s so cool!” Because this “It’s so cool” is too magical, coupled with his accent and pronunciation, it sounds like the Chinese harmonic terrain “Thai trousers hot”, so it was jokingly called “Thai trousers hot” by netizens.

The intention was to inspire fans to express that it’s so cool to just be yourself from the start, but the language is so fragmented and incoherent that it gives the impression of running out of things to say and trying to inspire others. In everyday life or on social media, people can use the term “It’s so cool” to describe things or scenes that are amazing, striking, or very attractive.


In the wave of the Internet, the hot meme constantly, but also hopes that all netizens surfing, always maintain the inner independent language ability and freedom of expression, so as not to be wrapped up in the brush meme fever, copying to catch up, from the sea of the meme within and out. Include Wang Lin Kai, the whole thing about an artiste being able to graciously play with his own meme is really – It’s so cool!

They’re not just setting the pace; they ARE the pace. Their influence in our realm is like the ripple effect a pebble creates in a pond… but think of it more like a rock concert in a swimming pool! If you’re not already riding the wave by following them and engaging with their content, you’re missing out on some of the juiciest bits of the internet. So, dive in, hit those follow buttons, and let’s keep this party rolling!

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