Chinese Beaver

The Chinese Beaver meme has taken the internet by storm. The meme features a beaver character, often accompanied by funny translations and scripts that highlight the playful and sometimes absurd nature of internet humor.


The Chinese Beaver, also known as the Chinese Gopher or the A Better Tomorrow Bear, is a viral sensation that emerged from a series of animations posted on social media. In November 2023, these 3D CGI animations, featuring a character resembling a bear, beaver, gopher, or groundhog, gained significant attention. These animations re-imagined scenes from the iconic “A Better Tomorrow” film series and the TV show “Conquer.”

Originally created by Chinese Bilibili user 乙人教动画 (B Teaches Animation) in late 2022 and 2023, these videos were reposted on TikTok and subsequently went viral on Twitter/X, where they garnered widespread reactions and quote retweets from Western, English-speaking audiences. The animations captivated viewers with their humorous and creative reinterpretations, leading to the character’s association with the “Literally Me Guys” genre.

Translation & Examples

Chinese Beaver Meme Script: One popular version of the meme features a script where the beaver is depicted giving sage advice or making a profound statement, only for the translation to reveal a humorous or nonsensical message. This subversion of expectations is a key element of the meme’s appeal. For instance, the beaver might be shown saying something that seems deeply philosophical, but the English translation might read, “Always remember to eat your vegetables!”

Chinese Beaver Meme Translation

    • 我有我自己的原则
      • Wǒ yǒu wǒ zìjǐ de yuánzé
      • (I have my own principles)
    • 我不想一辈子让人踩在脚下
      • Wǒ bù xiǎng yībèizi ràng rén cǎi zài jiǎo xià
      • (I don’t want to be trampled on for my whole life)
    • 你以为我是臭要饭的?
      • Nǐ yǐwéi wǒ shì chòu yàofàn de?
      • (Do you think I am a dirty beggar?)
    • 我等了三年
      • Wǒ děng le sān nián
      • (I have waited for three years)
    • 就是想等一个机会
      • Jiùshì xiǎng děng yīgè jīhuì
      • (Just waiting for an opportunity)
    • 我要争一口气
      • Wǒ yào zhēng yī kǒu qì
      • (I want to fight for my dignity)
    • 不是想逛明我了不起
      • Bùshì xiǎng guāngmíng wǒ liǎobùqǐ
      • (It’s not to prove that I’m great)
    • 我是要告诉人家
      • Wǒ shì yào gàosù rénjiā
      • (I want to tell everyone)
    • 我失去的东西
      • Wǒ shīqù de dōngxī
      • (What I have lost)
    • 我一定要拿回来
      • Wǒ yīdìng yào ná huílái
      • (I must get it back)


A variation of the Chinese beaver has emerged this time reaccting scenes from the TV Series (征服) “Conquer” where the beaver plays Liu Huaqing.


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