Strong Brother Qiang

Strong Brother Qiang


Pinyin:zhǐ qiáng

With the mission of guarding the Gouxiong Ridge (狗熊岭), I will never lose (只强-光头强)


This meme comes from the burning video clip of the game “A Wolf”, but the sand sculpture netizen put a bald strong mod on the game, replacing the character model with a bald strong mod, and then opened your childhood memories in this absurd way. Because of its exorbitant painting style, it has aroused the enthusiasm of netizen for life, thus creating many strong literature


  1. This meme comes from a live video of a blogger, because he likes to use the bald mod in the wolf game.
  2. Let the bald, strong, melancholy and handsome fighting posture be matched with the painful background music, making the whole video have a sense of contrast.
  3. So the netizen in the comment area also started to reorganize themselves, and started to reorganize a comment genre called Only Strong Literature.
  4. For example, I will guard everything in Gouxiong Ridge (狗熊岭), pick up the chainsaw and can’t hug you, put down the chainsaw and can’t protect you, and so on.


“Dad, Mom, after finishing this job, I’ll go back to Tuanjie Village (团结屯) for the New Year……”

The sword light and axe shadow of that night were deeply engraved on the trees and mountains of the Dog Bear Ridge, turning into tears and deep as blood

Years later, Xiong Da’s->(熊大) son asked Xiong Da, “Dad, why do we worship a lumberjack? Is not the lumberjack the enemy of the forest?”

Xiong Da Xiong Er->(熊二) was stunned after hearing this, and soon recovered. Xiong Da’s eyes were confused: “He, he…” His tone became more and more subtle, as if with a cry. Xiong Er quickly turned the topic away, but no one noticed the tears in Xiong Er’s eyes.

In the middle of the night, two shadows came to a mountain. It was the two brothers of the Bear Ridge. The grass and trees on the mountain were cut flat. There were immortal memories left on the mountain. Xiong Da xiong er looked at the scene, and his memories clearly tugged at their beating hearts, as if everything had returned to that night:

“Stinky bear, he has been the enemy for so many years… I can’t bear it… I’ll bring you some honey to taste when I win this time… Goodbye, Stinky bear…” The afterglow of the setting sun fell on Brother Qiang  (只强-光头强)… Tears blurred his memory, the two bears kept talking about something, and the valley passed through the yearning for death.

That midsummer was the nirvana of the Gouxiong Ridge, and it was also the strongest and darkest.

“Skinhead strong, skinhead strong, skinhead strong!!!!!!!!!!!” At that moment, Miss crossed death and arrived at the place where the flowers were blooming on the other side.


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