Bagpipes from afar

Bagpipes from afar


Pinyin:yuǎn fāng chuán lái fēng dí

This meme is a type of internet meme that originated from the lyrics of Jay Chou’s song” Ming Ming Jiu “,” bagpipes from afar, I only care about news of you “. This lyric itself expresses longing and concern for someone. However, on the Tiktok platform, a netizen used the poetic ID name “@ bagpipes from afar”, which was contrary to his bad temper and triggered a series of jokes and mockery on the network.


The reason for this meme is due to a video in which a barbecue vendor is scamming elderly people for money, which has sparked comments from netizens. Some netizens expressed in the comment section that they want to forgive people and believe that selling barbecues is not easy either. At this moment, a netizen named “bagpipes from afar” replied rudely with the word “roll”, showing his irritable attitude. Then, another netizen persuaded him, but from afar, the bagpipe still replied, “You also get lost,” demonstrating his demeanor of being disrespectful and hostile to others.


Since then, the ID name “bagpipes from afar” has become a special online term used to replace the rude word “roll” to reply and express dissatisfaction or dissent from people. Netizens see it as an elegant and unique way of cursing, using this meme to express their opinions or make fun of others.And it also expresses a very implicit curse.The bagpipe from afar is an implicit way of getting along with others, used to indicate that everyone should get lost, and now used by netizens to retaliate against some unwilling to agree.Used by netizens as a high emotional intelligence response for out.


Is everyone spending so much time playing with memes now?I only care about the news of you when the bagpipes come from afar.The lyrics express longing for the person you like.How wonderful and romantic the sound of bagpipes is!Not as good as I only care about you!Tracing back to the source, should we say or not.This meme is somewhat irritable.

Subsequently, many netizens went to their homepage to explore, only to find that the homepage video of such a “irritable old man” was a peaceful image of time, and while calling everyone to be polite in the comment section, there was also a tendency to “go your own way”.

He thought he was a “irritable old man”, but it turned out to be a quiet and farsighted literary youth. This huge contrast and straightforward and humorous speaking style have won the love of some netizens, so they have started playing this meme one after another. With the widespread use and fermentation of this meme, the user’s fan base has exceeded 80w in a short period of time, and the likes of top videos have reached 500w. The user is also affectionately referred to as “rolling brother” by netizens, and this meme has been popular until now, and there are still many netizens using this meme to make fun of it.

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