Isn’t this more useful than the prospectus

“Isn’t this more useful than the prospectus,” is an internet catchphrase that originated from a popular comment on Douyin. It refers to the fact that some students of a school are so excellent that they can attract many people to apply for the school without the need for the prospectus.

The university brochures are usually very official about the location of study, academic achievements, courses and so on, the videos posted by seniors are more intuitive and attractive, which is more useful than the brochures.

Many colleges and universities use their unique places to attract students from all over the world, and some of the college’s alumni are trying to replace the brochure with their own actions. There is another way to put it: it’s not like it’s spreading fire

Through the Tokyo Olympic Games, many Chinese university talents have been excavated to show themselves in international sports events and strive for gold medals for China, such as Yang Qian. After everyone knew that she was from Tsinghua University, they began to think that Chinese universities were famous and produced celebrities. It can lead more high school students toward coming to the famous universities, because they can nurture them to become celebrities.

After the college entrance examination, colleges and universities began a new recruitment mode, and the students of the school are also worried about their own schools, so they began to recruit students from the perspective of the students.

It will just like this:

Seniors from Nanjing University

On social media platforms such as Douyin, students from some schools have posted short videos of their daily life at school, drawing a large number of onlookers. Some students bask in the knowledgeable and humorous professional course teachers, some students bask in the colorful campus activities, some students bask in the delicious and attractive canteen food. The academic atmosphere and youthful campus life make many netizens yearn for these schools.

From a communications perspective, the short videos shared by students are in some ways more eye-catching. These short videos are intuitive and vivid, showing real daily life on campus to some extent, and are easier to substitute.

Refer to the examples

Some school students will post their happy daily life in school, or these students themselves are handsome, beautiful, often attract onlookers, then the net friends will say: this is not useful enrollment brochure?


  1. (Video from universities)
  2. (Example of SHANGHAI Jiao Tong University)

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