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Pinyin: Zhāngxuéyǒu biǎoqíng bāo

Despite the age of the movie, the Jacky Cheung expression,  is still circulating within Chinese internet discourse, with the face being used to create more stickers, often coupled with a panda head.
This is a very popular meme and only true Chinese meme scholars would understand.


Jacky Cheung’s (Cheng Hok Yau) emoticon is from Wong Kar-wai’s movie “Carmen in Mong Kok” (旺角卡门).

The movie was released in 1988 and was the first film filmed on the journey of director Wong Kar Wai. It tells the story of Andy Hua, a member of the underworld, played by Andy Lau, in order to take care of the incompetent little brother Wu Fei played by Jacky Cheung, and the story of a vengeance with the underworld character.

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What is the use of carrying cell phone and wearing suit and tie? Follow this kind of big brother (gang leader),eat shit!

着西装打tie,扎大哥电话有咩用啊,啊? 跟滴咁噶大佬,呀屎啊你

Zhuó xīzhuāng dǎ tie, zhā dàgē diànhuà yǒu miē yòng a, á? Gēn dī gan gā dà lǎo, ya shǐ a nǐ



Jacky Cheung’s emoticons have been popular all over the Internet again. At the press conference of “Macao Fengyun 3” last year, the song god Jacky Cheung hugged a photo of the emoji doll . At the event, he was very fond of emoji dolls, and said that because “No matter how you remember me, it is a good thing, so please use my emoji more in the future!” Hua Zai didn’t seem to understand this. The meaning of the doll, then Jacky Cheung made a classic expression of himself on the spot.



Examples of Jacky Cheung Meme


Jacky Cheung popularity


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