Just play! 就是玩儿

Just play! This meme first comes from the blogger Song Fugui. In his short videos, he is know for  many funny actions such as ordering noodles eating without  chopsticks, during snow days not doing snowball fights but just eat snowballs and other humorous things.


Accompanied by these memes out of the circle, So many internet citizens began to create a sense of contrast, the more the meme is nonsense the comedy effect is better. It is especially important to note here that this tone of voice must go up, highlight a relaxed , lively and playful, but “play”with the word, you have to make a curly tone, like a dandy in the Beijing. This meme can be disassembled into a fixed format: I don’t XX,  even if I have  XX, Hey,  just play! Nowadays, many young people use this “just play” to tease their stressful life to achieve a self-mockery and attention.


It is a kind of existentialism that allows young people to show their rebellion by resisting the original “identity” and “obligation” of things, and they are actually resisting their “obligation “. Because there is no “obligation “. For example ,” I don’t eat food, even if I am hungry, just play .” The meal itself is used to eat. On the surface, people are redefining the “use” of rice, on the surface, people deconstruct rice, in fact, young people are defining their actions: I am free, I do what I want to do ,” I rebel, so I exist .” Camus believes that since the world is absurd, there is no need to avoid it. In his words, it is “to keep the absurd alive ,” as Sisyphus Myth :” Rebellion gives value to life .”


I want to be stupid even if I have brains. Hey,just play!

I don’t eat,even if I’ ll be hungry. Hey, just play!

If I’m fat, I’ m fat and not try to change. Hey,just play!

I don’t know what it means, but I just follow the people. Hey,just play!

I don’t look at navigation, and just walking around follow the heart. Hey,just play!

I don’t chat with girls, just like to be single. Hey,just play!

Suddenly I understood a truth, the rebellion of eating, drinking and playing, all is the surface phenomena, you can stop sleeping, eating, be lazy, and no one cares about you unless you are involved in the game of rereading with your tongue rolled, just like this meaningless article talking about this meaningless meme.

Hey, just play!

Contributed by Xi Yuanyuan


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