Pinyin:kǎ le

Original meaning: The network term “card” refers to the phenomenon that the network speed is slow, causing the computer to pause, drop frames and drop lines when running programs. Internet speed generally refers to the time it takes to request and return data when a computer or mobile phone accesses the Internet, uploads and downloads data. Internet speed is closely related to the access network of ISP (network service provider).


Kale is the pinyin that is stuck. Don’t underestimate the pinyin. It is a proper cultural output.

In the DOTA2 competition funded by kale, temporary waiting due to network jam and other reasons often occurs. At this time, after the general players choose to pause, they need to explain the reasons. Our Chinese players are generally used to playing kale, while foreign players are used to playing lag.

Over the years, due to the strong promotion of Chinese DOTA players and the achievements of our country in DOTA, kale appears frequently in competitions and gradually moves to the world. Many foreign players have also learned to use the word kale.


Now, even when two foreign teams are playing games and there is a network problem, the players will send kale to indicate that the network problem is suspended, and even this word has been included in the Oxford Dictionary.This wave is a proper cultural output.



During the first DOTA2 Asian Invitational Tournament, due to the problem of the on-site network environment, the competition often experienced a situation of “stuck” and “dropped”. At this time, the contestants usually applied for suspension of the competition and explained the situation on the public screen. While Chinese players habitually play “kale” and suspend the game, foreign players usually play “lag” and suspend the game.

With the promotion of Chinese dota players, foreign players also understand the meaning of “ka le”. Even in the competition of ten foreign players, some people will play “ka le” to suspend the competition

Even in the Solo Competition of DOTA2 Asian Invitational Tournament, when the Chinese player “refused” to fight the foreign player “Miracle Brother”, the Chinese player had network fluctuations, and played “ka”, and the foreign player took the funny picture of “le?”.

“Ka le” has now been included in the wiki dictionary and has become a new English word.

Now, kale will also be used to explain why we have done the cooking operation (the operation of making mistakes is very bad). Generally, after we have done the operation of comparing dishes, we will also call kale to cover up our mistakes and let the network carry the pot. After all, there will be mistakes, and the reason of network jamming is the simplest and most practical.

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