Buddhist Youth 丧文化

English: Buddhist youth


Pinyin: Fú xì qīngnián

Buddhist youth also know as Lay Flat youth refers to young people who pursue a peaceful and indifferent lifestyle in the fast-paced urban life . The term originated from Japan. It originally described a man who likes to be alone, do his hobbies, have a slow pace of life, and does not want to waste time on falling in love.


The term  originated from Japan. In 2014, a Japanese magazine introduced a recently popular male Buddhism Youth. A new breed of sex-“Buddha Man”. They look like ordinary people in appearance, but they often have the following characteristics in their hearts: their hobbies are always the first thing, and basically everything wants to be done in the way and rhythm they like.

” I always think that it is too troublesome to fall in love. I don’t want to spend time and time on it, and I don’t want to have any girlfriends. I just like myself alone, and being with girls will feel very tired. “

From a macro perspective, China has now formed the world’s most populous middle-income group and has entered the middle-classification stage. Young people living in a relatively affluent society will inevitably have a mentality of individual slack and lack of motivation. Second, from a micro perspective, young people are under tremendous pressure in employment, medical care, and housing. It is not difficult to maintain a decent life in real life, but if you want to live a more generous life, you need to pay a huge price, and it is easy to produce “buddhist youth”.


In December 2017, the entry of “Young Buddhism” came to Chinese internet discourse became popular on the Internet “Lay Flat Youth” talked about a way of pursuing inner peace and indifference, and letting go of purpose.
Common phrases used include: “do it”, “you can”, “let it go”, “it doesn’t matter…” “Calm down when things happen, there are no waves in the heart, and the clouds are calm.”
There is also a circulation of sarcastic memes about mundane work and intense work environment. Such as “overtime dogs” (jiaban gou; 加班狗), corporate cattle (shechu; 社畜), and brick-movers (ban zhuan; 搬砖) have become popular for describing any occupation who all share the pain of doing nerve racking labor.




  The Buddhism lifestyle is not suitable for Chinese youth, it is a kind of “funeral culture.”  The history of modern civilization has repeatedly proved that human resources are the greatest source of wealth. China has today’s material and cultural living standards. Many experts attribute it to the “demographic dividend”. The biggest dividend is the “youth dividend”. They are aggressive and brave to stand up to the trend, respond to the call of the times, and work where they need them. Innovation and entrepreneurship in fields with market potential, it is their hard work that has written the thriving and energetic “Young China”.

 The previously popular “Ge You Slouch“, “Middle-aged post-90s”, and “Divorce post-90s” were all popular on the Internet for a while and attracted the curiosity of young people, but most people quickly discovered that these so-called “new lives” can not solve any problems. It now appears that many decadent popular discourses have commercial appeals and behind-the-scenes self-media to fuel the flames.

When you are embracing and embracing the “funeral culture”, there may be someone behind you laughing at your brainlessness. The most frightening thing is that when you are embracing the “Buddhist youth”, someone is getting a job that can be obtained with your talents, someone has already got up early and ran on the road to a higher goal, someone has already seen New business opportunities are innovating and entrepreneurial.

Some people dare not stop even if one step is too late. We are born in an era where the Internet, artificial intelligence, and the new economy create unlimited opportunities, and young people have the most advantage in innovation and entrepreneurship. “Mourning culture” and paralyzed? Since the abolition of martial arts, immersed in the inexplicable self-confidence, it will only fail this great era in which all of China is advancing rapidly. Foreign youths are eyeing China’s development dividend and are rushing to China to try their luck. How can Chinese youth play? Mourning culture” and resign yourself to depravity?


Lay Flat Youth


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