The phrase “licking the dog” (舔狗/Tiǎn gǒu) is used to describe a person who kneels and licks others without dignity. The phrase licking dog has the connotation of self-deprecating. It can be said to be the ultimate version of “Spare Tire“.


Licking the dog first came  in 2016, it can be called the other extreme of the spare tire. After the word licking dog became popular, it was made into a relevant emoticon package by netizens. Among the more popular emoticons are “Lick the dog to the end and have nothing”, “Lick the dog to the end and return with a full load”, “Lick the dog to the end, have everything you need”, “Promise me, don’t be a dog, okay”.[1]


The phrase “licking the dog” can be used in the emotional relationship between the sexes, as a metaphor for those who want to get the favor of the opposite sex, completely disregarding their dignity and integrity.  The word licking dog can also be used in general interpersonal situations, as a metaphor for people who only flatter others. [1]





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