Cai Xukun Life Goes on

Life Goes On 生活还要继续

life goes on


Pinyin: shēng huó hái yào jì xù

The original video shows a white duck walking

Life Goes On is the BGM of this video

This kind of duck walking with BGM type videos has been around for a long time.


Literal translation means to continue living, but it is also a popular calligraphy stem recently. The reason for the fire is the video of the duck below. This video has a high click on YouTube, but it has not developed to the scale of a stem. It is simply a video fire. The gif picture of ducks walking actually existed before 2017. The music in the video is Life Goes on, a popular song in 2021. The singer Oliver Tree is a very humorous person with a pleasant voice. Many songs are very personalized. That’s why this stem is like this.



The picture remains the same, but with different BGMs, although it is also very popular, there is no secondary innovation.

Introduction: The picture of using ducks to walk with the song “Life Goes On” is very harmonious. Seeing the magic is full, a lot of second creation appeared.



Graph of Baidu search volume


The original video is a white duck walking video, and life goes on is the BGM of this video.The video link is at the bottom of the document.

This kind of duck walking with BGM type video has been available for a long time, with the same picture, but with different BGM.

Because the video music background and the picture of ducks together are very harmonious, and the magic is very strong, there are a lot of second creations!

This stem is a calligraphy stem as mentioned at the beginning, so naturally there are the following video expression packs

It was very interesting when I came back from work. I spent a little time to make a batch of duckling facial expression bags. I hope you can like them!!!

Screenshots of animated duck dancing

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