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Men Are Big Pig’s Hoof

Big pig’s hoof, is a internet phrase used to describe lustful and unfaithful men. It is a common term used by girls to diss boys who are unfaithful in relationships.


There are two sources of trotters:
1. The hoof is the pig’s hand, which means that there are flowers and grass everywhere, which is derived from the nickname dragon pig from Anlu Mountain. Because An Lushan had an ambiguous relationship with Concubine Yang, he once touched Concubine Yang’s breast with his hand, so the pig hand also extended the meaning of lustful and ambiguous.
2. The male protagonists (pig’s feet) in various romance dramas or gossip events are usually lustful, so the big pig’s hoof is used to describe the scum.


The word became popular in August 2018. With a group of “men are big pig’s hoofs” emoticons, it was recognized and understood by netizens, and it began to become popular on the Internet and became a common Internet buzzword.
Men are big pig’s hoofs, is usually an internet term used by girls to diss  boys who change their hearts, and their words are untruthful.

Alternative Definition

The origin of this 哓 is related to the Northeastern dialect “Little Waves Hoof. “Little wave hoof” is a kind of abusive language, not derogatory, and is often used to flirt and curse. The application scenarios are often: a man says “little bitch” to a woman or a woman says “devil” to a man. Used in similar scenarios.

The little hoof refers to a woman. It may be derived from the old woman wrapped her feet, the ancient symbol of sexiness. Ximenqing opened his eyes to see the woman, but see: moon painting smoke drawing, powder makeup jade.

Jun Pang’er is neither fat nor thin, and his pretty body is hard to lose and grow. Su fore teasing a few moments are slightly numb, natural and beautiful; Zhou Zheng is pitiful with a pair of feet in the skirt . The scent of flowers grows finely wherever you go, and you are overwhelmed with charm when you sit down. (Chongzhen Version Seventh) Aunt Xue lifted up the woman’s skirt with her hands, revealing a pair of just three inches and a half prongs from the skirt, and a pair of pointed feet with golden lotus feet, wearing a bright red gold cloud head and white silk high bottom. Shoes, look at Ximen Qing, Ximen Qing is full of joy.

Only when he saw ” a pair of just three inches and a half-fork, a pair of pointed feet and golden lotus feet “, Ximenqing asked the small servant to present a gift, which was regarded as a formal engagement and engagement.

Adding a “wave” is actually a bit derogatory and praiseworthy. Boys use this word, but the meaning is a bit biased-sexy and colorful, and constantly stirs the heart.

Extended to the nearest “big trotters”, “big” corresponds to “small”. Big man, machismo, the common “big” in it has the meaning of “arrogance” and “male power”, and it is in confrontation with the “small” woman. Of course, this word has gradually been washed out. In many online articles and idol dramas, this image of a big man has almost equated with the “dominant president”. So after this “big” commendation is used derogatively, it is again used derogatory.

Pig, as the name suggests, has a straightforward explanation of “stupid” and “incomprehensible style”. Of course, it will also make people subconsciously think of the image of Zhu Bajie in “Journey to the West”, which is like a flowery intestines, which is different.



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