The term milk law is actually a contempt for France, so why is there such a saying? The first is the poor performance of France in World War II and the poor combat effectiveness of French weapons and equipment.

It is even ridiculed that you can never occupy France before France surrenders. Because as soon as you bypassed the Maginot line, the French army surrendered. In fact, this statement began with the British.

First of all, Britain and France are in a state of mutual contempt. Even the number of wars between Britain and Germany is less than one tenth of that between Britain and France. During World War II, Britain adhered to the isolated island, the Soviet Union and Russia were under the city, and the limit was overturned. American harvest endgame. China’s war of resistance against Japan lasted 14 years. But France held out for six weeks and surrendered.

The second is that the French remained independent after the war. Not only in terms of weapons and equipment, but also in terms of national policies, the French have always maintained the true color of Gaul rooster, so it also makes other countries in Europe start to be dissatisfied with France.



Netizens use “French stick” bread as a French weapon, and make complaints about the black history of modern France.

I believe you guys have a simple impression of the milk method. In a simple summary, a group of netizens are happy to laugh at France. So the question is, what did France do wrong? Will it be ridiculed by netizens and even made into an expression bag?

The most fundamental reason is that the French with a glorious history suffered Waterloo in modern times. This phenomenon of great contrast impressed people so much that they couldn’t help teasing. France, do you have today?

Although the glory of today’s France has gone, people’s ancestors are really rich, and very rich. Just take out a few. They are all thunderous figures.

For example, Joan of arc, who saved France from crisis and turned the tide;

Or Napoleon, who swept Europe by force and snatched the crown from the pope;

And… Well, it’s not that I don’t have decent people in France, but that these two people are great and far-reaching, surpassing everyone else.

We French dwarfs and women can sweep the world, can you?


Joan of arc of the nation is a character that Xiaobian adores very much, and the emperor is even worse. She just made something out of nothing and created the third orthodox crown except Eastern Rome and siroma. It’s a pity that Xiaobian doesn’t worship men.

Of course, it’s just a joke. People also have legends such as Louis XIV, the sun king, Voltaire and so on. Even in the heyday of the British Empire, they can force a 50-50 break with Britain. As an old European empire, the colonies are blooming all over the world, and their strength can’t be black.

Years of glory have created the French character, pride and strength. They often regard themselves as the leader of Europe. Even today, this national character still affects the French.

There is nothing wrong with being full of pride and self-confidence in the motherland. The bad thing is that nothing is invariable. France cannot always remain strong, the world changes and the national strength is constantly shuffled, but France still feels that… The glory belongs to France!

There is no eternal kingship… France, known as the filial son of God, soon ushered in the sunset.

During the Franco Prussia war, France was forced to cede Alsace after being shot in the knee in the face of the strong rise of Prussia, the predecessor of Germany. In the first World War, France was crippled. As for the Second World War, France died directly.


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