It refers to the famous impression trainer in Japan: Chongtai, Miyuki Shigeta. Her name used to be Miyuki chongtian. In addition, Miyuki is the person who carries her video in China and transliterates her name directly according to Miyuki.

The recent popularity is due to her online impression course teaching, but! Online teaching, in the name of making a good impression, makes people look greasy and strange from a normal person, a bit of Japanese snow.

But in fact, she was an international cabin attendant before. Later, she left for physical reasons, but because of her strong service, she changed from a part-time cleaner to a VIP Club Lounge Manager in a famous hotel in Tokyo in less than a month. Later, he taught relevant courses at Asian universities.


Miyuki, a tiktok in Japan. It is called “Tai Mei Xue”. The name of Rome is “Miyuki”.

It feels like ” Miyuki “. All netizens call it ” Miyuki “. This stem comes because of her name. Miyuki who mainly performs some handsome movements, social etiquette and movements, and how to dress up handsome and beautiful tiktok. For example, in the following video, Miyuki teaches girls to hold their arms when buying apples, which will make girls look more cute.

Of course, the reason why Miyuki has become a stem is mainly because many netizens imitate some actions taught by Miyuki. As a result, the imitation “deviated” and became a “funny version”. However, Miyuki is much more handsome. I sorted out some Miyuki ‘s expression packs with you, and the action identified is too handsome!

It is reported that miss Miyuki was born on February 16, 1968. She is 53 years old. She is from Arakawa District, Tokyo, Japan. She is 1.62 meters tall. Some of her social etiquette course works have 0.5 seconds to determine your life, smiling face wins people, etc.



Spread & Examples

When it comes to Miyuki, the first is her iconic fly legs, false eyelashes and various postures. Miyuki is Japanese. She is committed to making everyone a popular person on the short video platform. She is committed to teaching everyone to become a popular person with exaggerated skin grinding, exaggerated filters and exaggerated actions. In addition, he didn’t know whether it was a filter or a real pure white porcelain tooth, which made all kinds of netizens leave messages one after another, hoping to get to know her dentist.

To understand why Miyuki is so committed to being a teacher to teach you, let’s first take you to understand her growth process. Miyuki wanted to be a stewardess since she was a child, but she had dark skin and strong body, which didn’t meet the requirements of stewardess, so he began to work hard to live, keep fit, keep fit and improve himself, After graduation, she successfully became a stewardess, but later had to quit her job due to physical reasons. Then she began to study the service industry. He has become an excellent impression critic and has a great influence in Japan. I think it is this experience that makes her have the passion to make videos to teach you.


Everyone also commented that wearing clothes in 2007, being handsome in 2001 and wearing makeup in 86, they taught us in the past 21 years. I have also seen a lot of relevant videos of Miyuki and various netizens who imitate her. I have to say that some moves are really a little old. Maybe it has something to do with her own age. Let’s make complaints about some skills that netizens are trying to imitate.



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