Moving Bricks 搬砖

English:Moving Bricks


Pinyin:Bān zhuān

Moving bricks (ban zhuan; 搬砖) is a Chinese term that originally refers to moving bricks. In the Internet, the term is extended to work that is hard and repetitive with little pay.


This internet slang word is a Chinese word, and it first refers to moving bricks. In some local dialects, there is also the meaning of playing mahjong. In commercial trade, there is also the meaning of making a difference, buying from the owner and selling to the Western countries, and also means moving money.

There is also a circulation of sarcastic memes about mundane work and intense work environment. Such as “overtime dogs” (jiaban gou; 加班狗), corporate cattle (shechu; 社畜), and brick-movers (ban zhuan; 搬砖) have become popular for describing any occupation who all share the pain of doing nerve racking labor.

Alternative Meanings

The phrase has different meanings in different contexts:

1. For example, in various online games, players transfer money, spend a lot of time and energy to buy various things for online entertainment.

2. For personnel engaged in experimental subjects such as chemistry and biology, because the process of doing experiments is relatively boring, “moving bricks” is often used as a joke for doing experiments.
3. This entry has a special meaning in ‘Dungeons and Warriors’. The bricks here refer to ‘Magic Stone’, which is an item needed to open the team instance of ‘Antuen’. Because of its high value, many players ‘Grandi Power Plant’ to get this item to sell it.
4. It generally refers to programmers (code farmers) boring to write code, similar to moving bricks, mostly self-deprecating programmers.
5. It is inconvenient to disclose your occupation when chatting online, so you can say “go to move bricks” to mean to go to work.
6. Moving bricks, in Baidu Tieba, it also means reposting.




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