woman watching a douyin video

The famous female anchor “rotten tuan’er” of Betta challenged to watch the “muscle Golden Wheel” under the coax of fans to see if she could watch the whole video without changing her face. As a result, the video was not more than half, and the rotten group couldn’t help but turn up the corners of his mouth, which was difficult to hide his embarrassment.


Bilibili is a magical website, ranging from scientific research and teaching to the hot stem of the network. This small website, which is rich in subculture, has become the gathering place of generation Z trend culture. It has everything you want to see.

At the same time, with its huge talent reserve and strong stem making ability, Bilibili has added a fire to some short films, making them quickly become the focus of hot discussion on the Internet, and once became a popular stem for young people. Now, another stem has become popular on the Internet through the second innovation of users of Bilibili.


As the eldest brother of the game anchor, the face changing video of “muscle Golden Wheel” first set off a “bloody storm” in the anchor circle.


woman watching a douyin video


Zhou Shuyi, who is also the anchor of the game of fighting fish, also looked at the video of “muscle Golden Wheel” with blurred eyes and a smile. Finally, she showed an expression that was still in the air and watched the whole video.

woman watching douying videos

The video of “muscle Golden Wheel” has great lethality, which not only makes the female anchors “red in the face”, but also many male anchors are defeated by that perfect physique.

The up Master of station B “bard big company” was also forced by many fans to watch the legendary “muscle Golden Wheel”. Before watching it for a few seconds, whispering couldn’t help pulling the playing page out of sight for many times, and even blushed. After reading the direct call, I couldn’t stand it. Finally, I had to go to the bathroom tactically.

anchors watching douyin videos

Even PDD sighed after watching the video of “muscle Golden Wheel” and said, “man, I’m willing to give up everything if I want to have this figure”.

PPD talking about


In addition to the well-known domestic male and female anchor, even Japan’s VTB was defeated by his perfect posture.


Refer to the examples

“Muscle Golden Wheel” and “philosophy”

“Muscle Golden Wheel” has become a hot topic in the game circle. At first glance, I believe many netizens are in a confused state.

Everyone knows what “muscle” is, but what is “Golden Wheel”? How is it associated with muscles? What kind of charm do these two words have together and can become a hot topic in the game circle?

In fact, the stem of “muscle Golden Wheel” comes from a second creation video of up “Bacon meat” in station B. the up master intercepted a short video of muscle man showing his body on tiktok, and used AI face changing technology to change the man’s face in the original video into the face of “big Sima” (originally known as “Han Jinlong”) in the domestic well-known game up master. Because of its perfect fit, many netizens shouted “Too coquettish”.

Since then, the series of videos have been wildly reproduced, starting his way out of the circle.



         https://b23.tv/XrrWbFx(Original Video from Bilibili)

https://b23.tv/x3I0gPg(Video from Bilibili)


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