Who is the Mushroom Hairstyle Girl?

The mushroom hairstyle emoji package is one of the staples of memes, biaoqinbao, and emoji  of Chinese discourse. The “Mushroom Hairstyle” series of emoticons is a representative work of the company “Mosquito Animation” founded by Wu Wuze.

The Guangzhou Mosquito Animation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is an IP company with the goal of creating a new social culture for young people. Up to now, the company has created 53 sets of 1,155 emoticons, with a total of about 583 million domestic users, and a total of about 20.8 billion sent.

In November 2015, the “Mosquito Animation” App launched, providing emoticons used in chats. Its best product included the Xiao Yu’er series and which included the famous mushroom hairstyle girl series.

The “mushroom head” that people love to hear now originates from an accidental attempt by Wu Wuze, the founder of Mosquito Animation. During the period when he was looking for a job in early 2010, he began to draw a series of mushroom head emojis, but at first he was just unintentional. After starting a business, he began to specialize in emoji, and spread “mushroom hairstyle” in a chat group,  from there it attracted people’s attention.

Wu Wuze believes that as people’s work and life become faster, some unconventional “ugly and cute” emoticons can grab people’s interest more. The mushroom head emoji is a representative of the “ugly, cute, and cute” genre.

The mushroom hairstyle emoji pack is the base layer for many popular memes including the  popular “Director Kim“, and the former American professional wrestler D’Angelo Dinero. Made a richer second creation on the site. While allowing fans to fully interact, it also increases story and interest.

As the covid-epidemic hit this, the company planned and created, Mushroom head epidemic prevention expression pack. At present, there are 16 emoticons in this set, with a total of over 80,000 downloads and a total of nearly 800,000 sent. “Exercise more”, “Cloud gathering”, “Lying down to earn money” “Sleeping to study” which were slogans for epidemic prevention. The mushroom hairstyle emoji package also actively promotes the positive energy of epidemic prevention and control, and calls on the citizens to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work.

It turned out that the company started planning to create a mushroom head epidemic prevention emoji package as early as the first day of the new year, and uploaded it to the WeChat emoji open platform on March 3.

“I want to use this form of emoticons to do our best to promote the positive energy of epidemic prevention.” Wu Wuze mentioned that in the large number of homemade emoticons circulating on the Internet. “I hope to add Anti-epidemic elements, by opening up more space for expressing positive energy in these emoji cultures, that are the embodiment and amplification of individuality and interest, and are also easier for the majority of netizens to be interested and spread.”

CCTV’s official Weibo, the League Central Committee, and People’s Daily Online have also used the format of mushroom hairstyle emoji + subtitle caption in their posts, which has boosted Wu Wuze and his team’s confidence. He mentioned that now the official media, the government and the government are also beginning to use emojis to attract the attention of young people, “We are open to the use of the government, and use it casually. This is our sense of social responsibility.”

Mosquito Animation has also cooperated with the Youth League and District Committee to customize exclusive souvenirs for this year’s commemoration of the “May Fourth Movement” theme activities, and is preparing to launch a series of featured online activities to cover more youth groups .

After the emoji format received a high degree of network recognition Wu Wuze’s team paid attention respect the to copyright of each expression package. The “Mushroom hairstyle” emoticon pack is based on the facial images of “Director Kim” and “D’Angelo Dinero”. The company went to Korea to contact “Director Kim” Cui Sung-kook and signed his global exclusive portrait rights. Later, they went to Florida, USA to find the “D’Angelo Dinero” and signed the exclusive global portrait rights.

Wu Wuze analyzed that the current mosquito animation profit methods mainly include IP authorization, brand cooperation, content payment, peripheral sales, etc. The most profitable is the cooperation authorization. As for content payment, in contrast, the current domestic emoji payment field is still in its infancy, and consumers have not adapted to the form of content payment. However, from the development of recent years, the user’s awareness of paying for content is gradually increasing, and this will be a market with huge potential for mining in the future.

“I often see many netizens on the market making self-made emoticons with the image of mushroom heads.” Wu Zewu is soberly aware that from the static emoticons, animated pictures, and articles in the early days of his business to the current Internet celebrity videos, the second time on the market. There has been a flood of creation. Although the advantage of emoji is its spread speed and secondary creativity, this is an advantage but also a threat to a company that is an IP-operated company.
On the road of seeking commercial realization, they also encountered a lot of troubles. For example, when they met some partners, they only knew the image of Mushroom Head, but did not know that Mushroom Head was produced by Mosquito Animation.

In order to improve Mosquito Animation’s own brand recognition, Wu Wuze and his team set out to upgrade the content, striving to distinguish official production from mass creation, and at the same time gradually deploying derivative development strategies to create a diversified profit model. Previously, Mosquito Animation launched the first commercial cooperation after its first commercial cooperation with Taiwan Uni-Drinks.

At the same time, Mosquito Animation also maintains long-term cooperation with large-scale well-known companies such as Tencent and Meituan. In addition to being active in dialogs, mushroom hairstyle have appeared on many physical objects, such as food packaging bags, toys and even facial masks.

“My original intention of starting a business was that the local cartoon image of China could go to the world.” Wu Wuze hopes that this image is not limited to online shining. Wu Wuze believes that the mushroom hairstyle still has a long way to go.

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