Niuma originally refers to cow and horse, which can be directly considered as a sarcastic word on the Internet. General terms: niuma, pure niuma; Life is dull, cattle and horses laugh at human beings. It’s from an anchor on the Internet. Once a big fan of this anchor in other people’s live broadcast room brush gifts, was found by the anchor. The host called Fan a “cow and horse”, which means he is a brute like a cow and a horse.


This word originated from northeast China. Therefore, I have studied how to retort if someone calls the other party a cow or horse in Northeast China, and the result can be said to be comfortable.

Some young Internet users would like to put the word “dog” as a nickname to call their own the other half, so some friends when heard someone call you to understand each other and your relationship is close, if it is loved ones must have the call is a nickname, rather than abusive, if is generally so some relations are not ripe man suddenly jumped out of the way, Then I’d have to ask him to stay away from me.


The phrase “niu Ma” in Internet slang means that a person is nothing but garbage and a weak chicken.The origin of the phrase “cow and horse” is in a network broadcast. At that time, an anchor called Black Fan “pure cow and horse” during the live broadcast, which means you are a beast like cow and horse.

As for the reason of such abuse is actually just because in one person’s live broadcast room, the top gift fan does not give the host a gift during the live broadcast, and then went to another live broadcast room to give gifts to others. After hearing this, the anchor became jealous and cursed the fan as a pure cow and horse, so he would spend his hard-earned money to paint gifts for others.



Niuma on the Internet means cow and horse, which is used to describe people who are forced to work hard. For example, the most commonly said sentence is “be a cow or a horse in the next life”, which is generally used to indicate that someone is willing to give their all and work for the other party. It is often used to express someone’s dedication to the speaker, which is also a kind of expression of gratitude or loyalty.

Niuma, a dialect in northeast China, means to be a cow or a horse, and a synonym for licking a dog. And what are you, which means you’re rubbish, you’re nothing, you’re an animal. It’s a curse word. It came from an Internet anchor (I don’t know which one). Once a big fan of this anchor (a fan who often brushes gifts for the anchor) brushed gifts in other people’s live broadcast room and was found by the anchor.

The host called Fan a “cow and horse”, which means he is a brute like a cow and a horse. Do cattle do horses, hard work, earn hard-earned money to brush gifts for others. Later, it became popular on the Internet to describe people as “oxen and horses”.


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