Oscar Owes you a Golden Man

Oscar Owes you a Golden Man (奥斯卡欠你一座小金人/Àosīkǎ qiàn nǐ yīzuò xiǎojīn rén) is an Internet buzzword, the meaning of this word means that someone has a lot of drama and is very good actor. This kind of complaints is either praising others is really funny, or shaming the meaning of others’ actions. 


The earliest time that the word appeared was in 2012, and the more common saying on the Internet about the specific source is from Baidu Li Yi. The specific phrase is not fixed, in addition to common ones, “the country owes you a golden man”, “Oscar owes you a golden man”, “the original Oscar golden man was appointed by you”… etc., The statement is different but the meaning is the same.



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