Outer man 外卷侠

This stalk on the Internet refers to the unsung heroes who make some companies’ wages go up. They keep sending their resumes, not for the purpose of finding a job.


Involution is a very popular word in recent years, and the opposite of it is outer scroll. Recently, there is a brand new word “outer scroll man” on major social platforms on the Internet. After this word came out, it also touched countless netizens. I can express my gratitude with tears in my eyes, so what does the outsider mean? Some friends may not know.

When talking about wages, no matter how much they express, they will be too low, which invisibly puts a certain degree of pressure on companies, so that these companies may increase their salaries.


This stalk is derived from a very popular Internet some time ago: Thank you McNuggets, a little brother who works at McDonald’s. Every time he quietly adds an extra piece of McNuggets to the consumer products ordered, this behavior has also been criticized. Everyone calls it Chicken McNugget, which is an act of seeking welfare for everyone


Spread & Examples:

Outer man said:

“I have worked in MC for 2 years,I almost put 6 pieces of Chicken McNuggets in every serving.”


Migrant workers are more of an introverted state in the workplace, but this unsung hero works for us from a distance, which is worthy of thanks. Heroes don’t necessarily all wear capes.

Whether the appearance of the Outlaws can raise the wages of the workers is unknown, but we still want to thank the Outlaws for their little touch.

Because the involution is too serious now, and everyone does not want to do some unnecessary competition, so some people will understand the voicing out as: if everyone does not work hard together, they all give up taking the initiative to involute.

Refusing to infiltrate, starting from me, it was originally a worker who didn’t care about money, what did I care about.

Hope you all have fun fishing in your spare time



梗is from https://b23.tv/8BS8Iej (梗 video from bilibili)

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