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amway 意思

Amway, a slang word on the Internet, originally meant: the direct selling brand Amway, a registered trademark of Amway Company,

Rice people

Rice people Sichuanhua

Rice people (Gan-fan-ren 干饭人) refers to a person who is very active and wild when eating. The saying goes, “cannot

Wang Jingze True Fragrance

English: Wang Jingze True Fragrance 中文:王境泽 真香 Pinyin: Wángjìngzé, Zhēnxiāng Wang Jingze  burst into internet culture from his participation in

Crispy duck literature

“Crispy duck” (脆皮鸭文学) is taken from the cryptic expression of the acronym cpy. “Crispy duck literature” is “cpy literature,” generally

Hyogo Kita’s smile | Meme face

Hyogo Kita’s smile actually refers to the interview video of the voice actor Hanazawa Coriander when it was broadcast on the Fuji TV

Spare Tire (slang)

The spare tire or bèi tāi is a person who is in the friendzone and is waiting for the other

Lick the Dog 舔狗

The phrase “licking the dog” (舔狗/Tiǎn gǒu) is used to describe a person who kneels and licks others without dignity.

You teach me to do things?

“You teach me to do things,” is a phrase from the movie “Play Back To School 2”. It is the

Ma Baoguo

Young people do not speak martial arts, mouse feed juice/mouse tail juice, comes from the character Ma Baoguo, used to

King of Wisdom Song

The Mao Mao song is an original song by Emperor Zhang that has become popular on the social media app

10% off water bottle Jiawen zhang

This homophonic meme, means “at this level”, and it often appears in the barrage of video game live broadcasts. Often

What does your faucet flow?

The meme originated from a video that said that people in Inner Mongolia have two faucets in their homes, one

Spiritual Guy

English Spiritual Guy 中文:精神小伙 Pinyin: Jīngshén xiǎohuǒ The original refers to a very neatly cleaned, energetic young man. Now it

Charming Teacher Guo 郭言郭语

English: Charming Teacher Guo 中文:郭言郭语 Pinyin: Guō yán guō yǔ A lady nicknamed “Charming Teacher Guo”  often says some ridiculous

“Where are you Saipan?”

The video of a Thai woman looking for a man named Saipan has become popular, because of  the huge contrast

Of Course I Chose to Forgive Her

English: Of Course I Chose to Forgive Her 中文:当然是选择原谅她 Pinyin: Dāngrán shì xuǎnzé yuánliàng tā In Chinese culture, wearing a

Meme (Gěng/梗)

English: Meme 中文:梗 Pinyin: Gěng The term “gěng” literally means “stalk,” but in internet terms it derives from “哏” (gén),

Sand sculpture 沙雕

As an Internet buzzword, in spoken chinese the word “sand sculpture” 沙雕(Shādiāo)  is a homophonic version of the word “silly dick”.

What does skrr skrr mean ?

“Skr skr” is an internet slang word,  originally a common adlib in hip-hop/rap music. It is an imitation of the


The Chinese meaning of this word is “respect”. The usage represents the meaning of “respect and salute”. The popularity this

Chen Duxiu (陈独秀)

The word is derived from e-sports genre. The central idea of the word is to praise someone and things very


Jacky Cheung Meme

English: Jacky Cheung Meme 中文:张学友表情包 Pinyin: Zhāngxuéyǒu biǎoqíng bāo Despite the age of the movie, the Jacky Cheung expression,  is

Youtuber Papi Jiang

Papi Jiang is a short video creator, with the original video content released in the form of voice change, it

dangelo dinero face

D’Angelo Dinero Smirk

English: D’Angelo Dinero Smirk 中文:德安杰洛 德内罗表情 Piyin: Dé ān jié luò dé nèi luó biǎoqíng The grinning face of American