Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

English: Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!


Chinese: 退!退!退!

This meme is about the mannerisms of a local auntie during a quarrel, that is, stamping their feet while making fencing moves with her hands, and shouting retreat! retreat! retreat! It seems to be similar to expelling evil spirits.

This is one of the most popular meme of 2022!


It originated from a quarrel video on the Internet. The auntie set up a food stall and occupied a man’s original parking space. The owner of the parking space shouted loudly and asked the auntie if they had a business license.

It is an illegal business, and one of the aunts didn’t respond at all. She just wanted to show the traditional skill of jumping and scolding, and she stomped her feet and clapped her hands from time to time. It was really the essence of a rural aunt’s quarrel.


The action was so funny, many netizens imitated it.

Back 🤺 Back 🤺 Back 🤺 Back 🤺 Back 🤺 Back 🤺!



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