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Rice people Sichuanhua

Rice people (Gan-fan-ren 干饭人) refers to a person who is very active and wild when eating. The saying goes, “cannot to do anything , eat first.” After the popularity of “ rice people”, many people will share their dining photos with such a sentence, that is, ” Rice people, own the rice soul, rice people is the best people”.


Rice people , this word can make people think of the appearance of rushing to have a meal after class or work.

The term originates from a video host in Douyin(抖音). Every time he shoots a video, he always holds a rice bowl in his hand. Before starting to eat, he would say, “Eat rice! Eat rice! “(干饭了!干饭了!). This “eat” can be translate as “do”(干),which is a dialect Sichaunese that comes from Sichuan province, it also means to do something forcefully and seriously.


1、“rice people should look like a rice people!”

2.、”There are two of the most dazzling light in the world, one is the sun, the other is the appearance of you trying to eat”

3、”We will gan-fan in silence and starve everyone”

4、 “The beauty’s first happiness is gan-fan, the rest is icing on the cake.”

5、”An honest lifestyle is about doing what your body wants, eating when you’re hungry and not having to lie when you’re in love.”(Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Marquez)


After the term “migrant worker” (打工人)became popular, “rice people” followed it and became a hot topic of discussion. Popular members on douyin have been using the rice people topic so the word spread all over the country. In the narrow sense, it refers to the person who eats, but in the broad sense, it can be a way to express and enjoy the spirit of life.

“Food is the bread of the people” Everyone is in order to enjoy meal just get up early and get busy, so for the rice people this word has the same feeling. Another one is that when others eat especially delicious food, people will always be very happy. Maybe it is because of thousands of years of animal husbandry habits that people especially like to watch other creatures eat.

“Rice people, own the rice soul, rice people is the best people”. Another explanation is, what can you do if you don’t have enough to eat? This explanation is very reasonable, love to eat, love food people are mostly love life, and only a good meal can have energy to work, work hard to make money, eat better food, taste more food, become a virtuous circle, enjoy a better life.No matter how tired and difficult the work is, as long as the food is delicious enough, still have hope for life! Life is still a wonderful life!

contributed by Xi Yuanyuan

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