Schrödinger’s Cat ”薛定谔的猫”


Schrodinger’s cat is one of the four sacred animals in physics. It does not refer to an animal, but a thinking experiment. The reason for the fire is that Sabine once popularized science to people in the variety show star detective.

“Schrodinger’s cat” is a famous thought experiment on the superposition of cat life and death proposed by Austrian physicist Schrodinger in 1935. It is a deduction that extends the quantum behavior in the micro field to the macro world. Here we must understand a phenomenon of quantum behavior: observation. Microscopic matter has different forms of existence, namely particles and waves.

Generally, microscopic matter exists in the superposition chaotic state of waves; Once observed, they immediately choose to become particles. The experiment is like this: in a box, there is a cat and a small amount of radioactive material. After that, there is a 50% probability that the radioactive material will decay and release toxic gas to kill the cat, and there is a 50% probability that the radioactive material will not decay and the cat will survive.



It’s like when a beautiful woman and a man are placed in a secret room, the probability that the woman is in a secret place is 50%. If people open the door, they will find that a woman is a virgin or not. But before that, women’s quantum state should be a mixture of virgin state and non virgin state.

Therefore, when a girl tells you, “I’m Schrodinger’s virgin”, She actually wants to tell you: if you want to know if I’m a virgin, come and try! In the same way, Schrodinger’s cat can be used to indicate that everything is uncertain and in two results.

Similarly, Schrodinger’s cat can be used to represent all uncertain things in a mixed state of two results. Just like those express packages you bought from a (某宝Taobao) that have not been opened so far, whether they should be bad or not can be known only by opening the express. At this time, we can call them “Schrodinger’s bad comments”.

In short, before you open the express, the things in the express box may be good or bad. Good and bad exist at the same time. Only at the moment of opening the box, the two possibilities collapse to one possibility, either good collapse to bad, or bad collapse to good.



Sabine gave advice when debating whether Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou should go or not in the talk show conference, and should be prepared in three aspects: language, buying a house and mentality. Speaking of mentality, Sabine said “Schrodinger’s cat” (是否该去北上广深,就像”薛定谔的猫”一样)with the example of express brother.



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