Shang Abi

Li Mingxuan



Shang Abi or buff asian guy, is a muscular content creator who grew popular on social media for a outrageous dances, silly behaviour, muscle outfits.

His real name is Li Mingxuan 李明轩 and his dance is called “二摆舞” literally two swing dance.

Li Mingxuan’s dressing style is greatly influenced by actor Jiang Guojun.

Jiang is a two-time Chinese classical bodybuilding champion, Asian bodybuilding runner-up, bodybuilding instructor of the Asian Bodybuilding Federation, under the tutelage of actor Ren Xiaoyao.

His main works include “The Boxer”, “The Legend of the Devil”, “A Chinese Ghost Story: Human Love”, “The Snow Monster”, “Wolf King” and so on.


It is unclear who gave Li the name Shang Abi but it is a meant to be a joke describing Li as the younger brother of Shang Chi from the Marvel movie of the same name.

Li has many videos that reach over 50 millions views.  His videos are popular subjects of netizen remix videos.

He donates half of his stream revenues for charity and surprisingly he is more famous in the West in comparison to China.



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