English: Social bull syndrome

中文: 社交牛杂症

Pinyin: Shèjiāo niú zá zhèng

A new meme was been created as a mix between social niubility and social phobia. It describes a person who is somewhere between social butterfly and has social phobia. Social phobia when alone, but social buttefly when out with friends.


People with this disorder develop social phobia when they are with friends and social phobia when they are with strangers. The specific act is : when I am alone, I dare not speak to other people at all, and when I see a group of people I will subconsciously move away.

But when I’m with friends, I don’t care about the opinions of the people around me at all, I can do and act outrageous in front of strangers.


Social factors:

  1. Communicative language literacy. The effect of interaction may be good or bad, depending on the degree of dependence and mutual understanding between the youth and their ability to express their thoughts and feelings and relationships in the most accessible and acceptable form.
  2. Individual attitude towards life. If the youth are cheerful, lively, optimistic, it is conducive to contact with others; On the other hand, they will have difficulties with others and are often reluctant to interact with others.



Two days ago, I was complaining to my bestie. When I arrived at a new environment, I began to become silent again and seemed preoccupied every day.

One for sure.

May be the psychological inferiority, always feel that their shortcomings are being amplified, what poor understanding ability, weak learning ability, do not know social ah, dare not ask questions ah and so on.

It’s like a vicious feedback system. The more you care about it when you’re unhappy, the more it affects you.

Lingering, let the hearts of chaos.



My classmates told me on wechat that if you could transfer half of your online chatting skills to real life, it would be great.

I suddenly realized that sometimes I’m not that scared after all.

For example, on the Internet.

Whether IT is chatting with the net friends I just know, or chatting with the students I don’t know before the semester starts, I am very active, and as long as I open up, EVERY time I have a laundry list of words to say.

Even in A Word document, talking to your computer, talking to you on the screen, it’s normal to output 1,000 or 2,000 words an hour.

I think seriously, some time ago very popular social niubi disease this adjective, with the network of me, I am afraid it is really not exaggerated.

So, what happened to me in real life?

In reality, I am timid, introverted and passive in everyone’s eyes. I sit alone in the laboratory with my earphones plugged in every day and do not like to communicate with others.

One is the Internet, the other is reality, two completely opposite social status, which is clearly a severe case of social bull syndrome.

Social bull syndrome, a new Internet term that has just emerged in recent days, refers to a cross between social bull syndrome and social phobia.

People with this disorder develop social phobia when they are with one group of people and social phobia when they are with another group of people.



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