Social death generally refers to social death. The meaning of social death is to make a fool of oneself in public.


It is called “social death” because it is so humiliated that it only wants to have a crack in the ground.

It’s similar to another Internet phrase, “public punishment.”

Social death refers to making a fool of yourself in public, so humiliated that you just want a crack in the ground to get through it.

A social death scene is an embarrassing moment.


Mass social death scene stands for “large social death scene,” and it’s been around for years. In the past two years, with the explosion of short video, gradually has a popular trend, or can not attract my attention ha (just kidding).

“Social death” has a definite origin, as Thomas Lynch described in his book “The Undertaker’s Notebook.” According to him, there are three stages of death: “bodily death”, as measured by the stethoscope and eeg; The cessation of nerve endings and molecular activity in the body is called metabolic death; When death is known to friends, relatives and neighbors, it’s called “social death.” Only when a person has experienced “social death”, he has really experienced the whole process of death. Although the influence is still there in the short term, gradually it becomes a person who lives in someone’s heart.

Speaking of death, it’s a bit of a heavy topic, but let’s go back to the Internet buzzword “social death.”


The first meaning:

Which is what we usually use in our memes. To make a fool of oneself in public, especially among acquaintances. So humiliated that you’re afraid to go out and meet people. Of course, another hot word is “as long as I am not embarrassed, it is the other person who is embarrassed”. Haha, netizens are quite talented.


Second meaning:

Also known as “social autism”, it refers to the plight of individuals in which social contacts are blocked and social reputation eroded after being subjected to online violence. The magnifying glass effect of the Internet has made this serious social death a more likely reality. It often comes after a star has a scandal or a netizen has a bad incident.


The third meaning:

This extends to the first sense, the sense of collapse. A person whose image has been destroyed by something that upends the original image. It’s a kind of social death.

With that in mind, let’s look at the “Scene of mass social death” meme.

“Large” is a joking exaggeration used by netizens to refer to a grandiose scene (which can be imagined). “Live” means a public scene, live broadcast. Combined with the meaning of “social death”. Basically, it’s a super, super awkward scene, the equivalent of a “public execution,” where you’re embarrassed and don’t know what to do next. Nowadays, self-deprecation, often used by netizens to joker down, is designed to break the ice, tactfully cope with embarrassment, or purposefully find comfort in vent.

Ok, so much, maybe we still don’t know what it means, share a few cases for you to see it should be easy to understand.

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