The spare tire or bèi tāi is a person who is in the friendzone and is waiting for the other party’s change of heart. Neither understand at this stage there is no chance, but hope in the near future things will change.

Spare tire female spare tire

There is a kind of woman in the world who knows that a man doesn’t love herself, but just wants to play with her. She is still stupid and willing to accept it.  The “spare tire” is only established when both parties agree. If only the woman has wishful thinking, the man has clearly rejected her, and has never listed her as a candidate, and does not use the woman’s feelings to help himself, then this this kind of woman cannot be called a spare tire. 

Spare tire male spare tire

This is a kind of man who knows that there is no possibility to be with the woman, knows that she doesn’t love him,  and the woman is willing to accept it.  The “spare tire” is only established when both parties agree. If the man has wishful thinking, the woman has clearly rejected him, and she has never listed him as a candidate, and she does not use the man’s feelings to do things for herself, then this this kind of boy cannot be called a spare tire.
The spare tire generally has a “waiting” mentality, guarding its own wishful thinking, and waiting for the other party’s change of mind. Neither understand at this stage there is no chance, but hope in the near future things will change. The spare tire is not tired of its own responsibilities, and strives to play its functions such as filling the time gap, errand worker, and other similar friendship based activities. The spare tire has fulfills all the obligations that boyfriends should do, without the romantic component. People who don’t know will think that the spare tire is her boyfriend, but when asked, she will look surprised and say that she and the spare tire are just “good friends”. Others will soon realize that the spare tire is actually just a spare tire. 

Spare tire characteristic

There is a common pattern in the appearance and behavior of spare tires, and their characteristics are listed below:
  1. Lack of charm, poor fitness, and does not attract the attention of opposite sex.
  2. Don’t dress well
  3. With well-developed limbs, simple mind, high income, and the physique to be a coolie, she is willing to work for a lady.
  4. Not good at rhetoric, lack of sense of humor
  5. Dress well, earn decent income, stubborn personality, and possess extraordinary patience and perseverance.
  6. Having “Ah Q spirit” is also a “good guy” in the mouth of many girls.

Free entertainment for spare tires

Sing at KTV, eat lunch, watch movies, and listen to concerts. As long as you speak, the “spare tire” will take care of everything for you. If the other party is a rich “spare tire”, they will give you gifts every now and then, even if they are expensive, such as brand-name bags, laptops, and jewellery, they will laugh for you, even if you spend more money, all willingly.

Spare tire to pass the time

“Spare tires” are the ones who are best used to kill time, because they are always there. The friends who had made an appointment to have lunch suddenly broke the appointment. You just need to make a call and the “spare tire” will come out to accompany you. And once your friend suddenly has time to accompany you, you can also get rid of that “spare tire” immediately. rest assured! They will not be angry, because they know that they will always be your second choice, which is also their characteristic! The “spare tire” is always a punctual and reliable person.

Spare tire demonstration weapon

Your boyfriend’s reaction to you is very cold, the phone conversation is a long story, and the anniversary is perfunctory, the “spare tire” is the best demonstration weapon. As long as you often put the name of “spare tire” on your lips, admire “spare tire” from time to time, and read the caring text messages from “spare tire” in front of your boyfriend, I believe that no matter how generous men are, they will be jealous! Threatened by the enemy, your boyfriend will definitely reflect on yourself and treat you better!

Spare tire love and be loved

People who have a “spare baby” are attracted by this ambiguous feeling of “love and being loved” and can’t stop it. In the heart of the “spare tire”, you are the sweetness of the fairy tale world, you are weak and lovely with zero defects, and he will hold you in the palm of his hand and look after him at any time. If you treat him a little bit better, you will get his response if you say a little bit of kindness.Some people also refer to falling in love with two people at the same time as a spare tire.



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