English Spiritual Guy


Pinyin: Jīngshén xiǎohuǒ

The original refers to a very neatly cleaned, energetic young man. Now it almost specifically refers to the guy who looks very social. In many contexts, “spiritual guy” is a derogatory term. But the “spiritual guy” in Douyin has become a source of humor for many people.



Spirit Guy almost specifically refers to young man with dressed in a particular way, usually: tattoos on the whole arm, tight pants, loafer shoes, dynamic dancing, domineering very social and other quotations. The most popular brands by the spirit guy/girl: Gucci, LV, Nike, Adidas, champion, boy,  Versace, bape, North Face.


There are two meanings to the stalk of “spiritual boy”. The first meaning is a literal meaning, referring to a handsome and spirited boy; the other meaning is used to describe a boy who dances socially. Nowadays, the popular “spiritual guy comes uninvited” on the Internet, which means the local people in the urban-rural fringe. Most of them describe people who dance socially and are very happy with 20 yuan in their pockets a day.

Peas shoes, tights, leggings, colorful hair, electric cars, these elements are standard for a spiritual guy, his temperament is in all aspects, he is doing very stupid things, and he still thinks he is handsome. And the two “spirits” are not just for social girls who describe Tuhai, they put on social makeup, adjust their gestures, and pull their eyeliner and eyebrows to the temples, just a flower arm, and then the kind of eye opening in the middle of the forehead. Many people have always thought that the sky eye is an exaggerated form of spiritual art, but they did not expect it to exist in real life.


There is a debate about the meaning spiritual guys some believe:

Originally refers to the young guy who can jump socially, wear tights and peasy shoes! Later, after the Douyin blogger’s stalking, the current spirit guy has become a malicious troublemaker, has nothing to look for, or has a bad brain.

While others have a more compassionate outlook on the phenomenon:

What do you mean by spirit guys… I just want to talk about the spirit guys in our school, don’t scold, don’t scold, I digress and cry.

When I was in junior high school, I was in a class with a lot of spirited guys. They were the kind who didn’t have much money. But what is their family like… Parents divorced, and mother opened a small restaurant alone. Parents’ meetings have never appeared before, or there are only grandparents at home, and some have no homes. 

It’s more of loneliness and lack of love. You have seen a group of people smoking in front of a small shop in front of the school. You ask them why they smoke and where they paid for cigarettes… 

Seriously, don’t scold… They are more indulgence and impetuous when they are mental boys, and they have a bad parent… Of course, this pot shouldn’t be all parents, but parents are the majority. A friend next to me, his mother was afraid that he would become a spirited boy, picking him up from school every day, and went to the library when she had time, and spent half a semester with him. Finally, their child was admitted to a key high school…

I hope that one day there is no spirit boy, everyone is normal high school and junior high school students, and they have a good family.




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