Take Chenghua Avenue at Erxian Bridge

“Take Chenghua avenue to Erxian Bridge”, comes from a moment when  an old man rode an electric car to pull a lot of goods and walked down the fast lane. Officer Tan stopped him and a conversation ensued. 到二仙桥走成华大道


They said that they were not on the same right line for a long time, but it seemed that the man was right again. The answer of walking to erxian bridge and Chenghua Avenue appeared several times in the video, which was very brainwashed.

From now on, you take your Chenghua Avenue and I take my Erxian bridge.

You can only pull a little when you go to erxian bridge and take Chenghua Avenue.


“Erxian bridge” has also become a classic stem, which makes the listener laugh.

But in addition, there are not many outsiders who are really familiar with “Erxian bridge”. Even the young people who have lived in Chengdu for a long time are unfamiliar with this area.

Only the elderly people in Chengdu can keep some memories of Erxian bridge – chimney, railway, red brick factory, Chengdu Locomotive Factory, Balizhuang railway station, bulb factory, 107 warehouse

I knew little about Erxian bridge before.

As a “New Chengdu person”, I might not have set foot in this area if I didn’t want to go to the wholesale market of Erxian bridge to buy some good goods due to the shortage of newly decorated houses.

With the passage of time, driven by the “Zhongyou” strategy, Erxian bridge has finally ushered in a new opportunity. A large area of land has been sorted out, more and more places have been developed and transformed, the urban interface has taken on a new look, and there are a large number of land reserves for development.

Especially in the five years after 2015, earth shaking changes have taken place in Erxian bridge.

Today, Erxian bridge has found its own unique development path – relying on major projects such as perfect cultural and creative park and locomotive factory reconstruction, the area will fully absorb the successful experience of the eastern suburb memory art area, take “cultural and creative, industry and Park” as the theme, and adhere to the development strategy of one street, one park, double TOD and four new scene clusters, It is committed to building a “Chenghua new center” integrating culture and commerce, headquarters office, culture, innovation and leisure and high-end residence.

Therefore, you can see that the once wasteland has become Erxian bridge park.



In the eight years since its launch, < Tan Tan traffic > has created many classic passages. Through the network communication of enthusiastic audiences, it has attracted the attention of the whole country. The traffic policeman in the video is Tan Qiao, a policeman full of interest and wisdom. < Tan Tan traffic > makes Tan Qiao the most influential traffic policeman in Chengdu, Sichuan! Tan Qiao makes the traffic regulations vivid, interesting, clear and touchable.



梗 is from

https://b23.tv/K2MlEub(original video from bilibili)

https://b23.tv/uI5UDjt(video from bilibili)


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