Take the bamboo shoots! 夺笋啊


As we all know, when the panda starved to death, no one who grabbed the bamboo shoots was innocent.

“All the bamboo shoots on the mountain have been taken by you, all the bamboo shoots have been taken by you” is a kind of ridicule by contemporary netizens, usually referring to someone’s behavior. The words are very offensive, which comes from the Chinese homonym, such as the homonym “Take the bamboo shoots!


You are really mean.

“Spoil” is a homonym for “how spoil”.

Pandas eat bamboo. Bamboo is a bamboo shoot when they are young. Pandas who can take away other pandas’ bamboo shoots are very powerful.

Seize the bamboo shoot!

Said by webmaster: charming Miss Guo, with her well-known confused accent, said “take bamboo shoots”.

Example: The epidemic is so serious also on other people’s door, take bamboo shoots ah this person take bamboo shoots ah.

Seize the bamboo shoot yet

What a bad northeast accent, common in all kinds of sketches.

In order to express the northeast accent, people write “duo”.


The epidemic is so serious also on other people’s door,take bamboo shoots ah, this person take bamboo shoots ah.

“Thousands of miles of writing for the wall, let him three feet and what harm?” Neighbors pay attention to mutual humility and harmonious coexistence. As the saying goes, “a close neighbor is better than a distant relative.”

Unfortunately, in real life, it is not uncommon for people who live next door to each other to end up in court. A few trifles often became the fuse of contradictory dispute: the employer dug west home ground, west home chased the employer chicken…

This is not, dig the wrong bamboo shoots let two people fight.

“Grab bamboo shoots”?

Recently, a court in Anyue successfully mediated a dispute over the right to health that escalated from bickering to scratching over a bamboo shoot that had sparked years of resentment among neighbors.

Wen mou and Wang mou a department of husband and wife, with neighbors Wang Mou b often quarrel with contradiction.

Wang mou b wife (XXL) birthday on the same day, the children go home birthday, wang mou b’s son-in-law Wu Mou perennial have not familiar with their own land, a wrong dig wang mou a house in the land of bamboo shoots, text and wang mou after a see forward theory respectively, and the XXL spat, the two sides dispute occurred in the process of pull, injured, the public security organ in accordance with the law to XXL public security penalties.

After the event wen mou, Wang Mou a appeals to the court because of compensation problem.

Patience to mediate

Considering the particularity of the neighborhood relationship between the two parties, if the contradiction is not resolved in time, the neighborhood relationship will deteriorate and the accumulated resentment will affect production, life and social stability, Yue Court decided to carry out mediation work for the two parties as soon as possible.

At the beginning, the two sides did not give way to each other. The judge in charge of the case patiently tried to persuade each other. Based on the basic facts of the case, he pointed out the wrong cognition of both sides and the extreme way of dealing with the problem.

When both sides were calm, they promptly promoted the law and pointed out that citizens’ right to health was protected by law, and the defendant should compensate the plaintiff for the physical injury caused to the plaintiff, leading both sides to return to rational thinking.

Finally, the two parties reached mediation in court, and the defendant voluntarily compensated the plaintiff for relevant costs and cashed them in court.

As the saying goes, “You can’t live without POTS and pans touching POTS and pans.” Disputes between neighbors are all trivial matters, but no matter how small they are, they concern the boundary between civilization and law, and the boundary between individual rights and freedom. The Anyue Court practiced the original aspiration of justice for the people with practical actions, solved practical difficulties for the people, maintained the harmony of neighbors, and provided a strong judicial guarantee for the construction of a harmonious and stable social environment.

Original title: “Capture bamboo shoots! Is really capture bamboo shoots……”



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