English: Tatan


Pinyin:Dǎ dàn biǎoqíng bāo


Tatan is an internet personality famous for his cute and fat body as well as his charming personality. His Chinese nickname, 打蛋, literally means “beat eggs.”


Born in Indonesian people as Jonathan R. Sugianto, people around the internet usually call him Tatan. At 3 years old, he become famous after his post in his instagram account with the account name @JRsugiarto.

The thing that make him become unique, he has a big body and really fat and he is really cute. Now child who born in February 2013 has more than 200 thousand followers in his instagram accounts. The instagram accounts which make Tatan become famous is operated by his elder brother name Geraldo Sugiarto. The first video of tatan was post in 8 July 2016, but the most famous video of tatan is when he imitated the voice of the animals such like cat’s voice, chicken, goat and lizard voice.


Tatan continues to this day to create content and enjoy a large audience and loving fans.





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