Thanks for your hospitality 多谢款待

Thanks for your hospitality


Pinyin:Duō xiè kuǎn dài

This meme comes from a Japanese comic, which is very obscure and is a favorite barrage phrase of meme creators.


Japanese is ごちそうさま (go chi sou sa ma), and the polite form is ごちそうさまでした (go chi sou sa ma de shi ta). It is often used after a meal. Now it is also used to express bitterness and irony.

The original intention of “Thank you for your hospitality,”  is to be polite. Saying thank you for the hospitality to someone who treats you to dinner means “thank you for the treat”.

Chinese can be used to express joy after the wife gives birth.


  1. Thank you for your hospitality on the Internet as a barrage or comment meme, especially a sentence that boys often say after finishing some indescribable things;


  1. Somewhat teasing, it usually comes from a line that can be used in Japanese animation works. At the end of the matter, write more hospitality;


  1. Later, with the spread and development of the Internet, it was used by the second yuan or old drivers. After seeing the more satisfactory video content and sharing it, it will also be written and entertained;


  1. Thank the other party for sharing good things or content with yourself, but the things shared here are more colorful, not the food and hospitality in life;


  1. Originally, this word means politeness in Japanese communication circles, and it can also be understood as thank you. It is usually what you say to the owner after eating, a kind of greeting.



“Thank you for your hospitality” finale: Uno Meadows wait until Ximen Yutaro.

In the finale of the Japanese drama “Thank you for your hospitality”, Uno Meadows and Shimon Yutaro, the son of an aristocratic family, finally got married. Uno Mi has been waiting for his lover at the station, and finally Yutaro returned home, and the two shared chocolate together and spent a sweet moment together. Before that, Quan Yuanta had proposed to Unoya, but Unoya hurriedly rejected her. She had always loved the person she liked when she was a teenager.

The story explained in “Thank You for Your Hospitality” is that in a street corner in Tokyo, the daughter of the owner of a western restaurant, Uno Mi, has a natural ability to distinguish and make food. Before she was 17 years old, his interest was to taste delicious food, but this After meeting Yutaro Ximen, it changed the age when the two began to fall in love, and they met each other. However, because of the war, Yutaro Ximen received a notice to return to Osaka, and Miyano began the long journey of waiting for her husband.

The style of the Japanese drama “Thank you for your hospitality” is more healing, and the picture of the whole TV series is relatively soft and suitable for dinner. In this drama, Yanoya is a foodie who loves to eat by nature. There are many scenes of food in the drama. Every frame is extremely moving, which makes people drool uncontrollably.

And the plot of this drama is not procrastinate, and the main line of the story is very clear. It revolves around the love story of the three people. At the same time, it also contains various stories about food, which looks very gentle.


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