The clown turned to be myself

Recently, the emoji of “The Clown Is Myself” (小丑竟是我自己) has been popular on the Internet, another new synonym for contemporary young people to describe self-mockery since ” the licking dog.” Thinking carefully, in recent years, self-mockery online words have been constantly created on the Internet and have been applied in online social networking by young people, making self-mockery a new form of social expression and a new life attitude of modern young people towards life.


Nowadays, in this era, self-mockery is a way to help us accept cruel reality. We often say that “There are so many unpleasant things in life”. When we backlog a lot of negative energy from the beautiful fantasy and reality of reality, self-mockery is precisely the easiest outlet to express negative emotions.It does not have aggressive language, nor will not pull each other close to the awkward chat environment, but through the self-mockery of their own identity, to express their dissatisfaction with life, express their anger and anxiety, and give us the power to love life again.


Some people also say that the self-deprecating behavior is to eliminate the “attack” that may be unfavorable to myself in advance. As long as I speak quickly, no one can ridicule me first. Instead of being ridiculed by others, it is better to self-deprecating first, take the path of others, and let others have no way to go.

In the past, self-deprecation is not only an expression of emotional catharsis, but also a chat technique to win the recognition of others. Just like some time ago, the “migrant workers” who work hard to live every day, deeply reflect the self-mockery to maintain relationships. I am “migrant worker”, you are also “worker”, we are all to work, is all the way, slowly also born “workers” common “self-encouragement” slogan —— “workers, work soul, work is people”.

With the progress of the time, now people’s thoughts gradually tend to entertainment rational, like to express emotions with ridicule and self-mockery, no longer restrained to face, in the face of “cold fingers”, can also protect their own small world.

You have tried your best to please others, but you did not get any return, you have thought you were the choice of heaven, but was beaten by the society, have to admit that you are just all common people, the world is laughing at the clown, but the world is not a clown?

Some people say that everyone has a clown friend, he is snubbed, no pity, but still forced to smile, carrying the burden of making everyone happy, if you don’t know who the clown friend is, then obviously, you are the clown.



“Baby, I have played the game for you to win the king’s position.”

“Thank you. Can you help my boyfriend fight it again?”

“Drink with you and drink more than three thousand glasses,the clown was myself.”(醉笑陪君三千场,小丑竟是我自己)

Contributed by Xi Yuanyuan

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