The first cup of milk tea in autumn

August 7, 2021 is the start of autumn, one of the 24 solar terms in China. Therefore, on this day, people will drink the first cup of milk tea in autumn. 


Generally speaking, couples send the first cup of milk tea red envelopes in autumn more, and the numbers are similar to 52.0. There are also red envelopes between family members and parents who want to have the first cup of milk tea in autumn, and then send them to wechat moments and douyin to show their affection. Mainly is the season play some terrier, let everybody want red envelope more comfortable, also more interesting some will not be very embarrassed.


Some say: “Autumn comes earlier than usual this year, so this autumn’s first cup of milk tea arrangement.”

One netizen said: The first cup of milk tea in autumn. It means in this cold autumn A cup of warm milk tea in my heart is very warm

Someone who cares about you I saw your message or take the initiative to send you 52 yuan of milk tea money. So that you can drink the first cup of milk tea in autumn!

This kind of comment I think is very provocative ah, they can make you watching this meme and you’ll pick up your phone, then start ordering your beloved the first cup of milk tea in autumn.


On the roof of a unit in Yonghewan community in Dazhou, Sichuan province, a girl sat outside the rooftop guardrail to commit suicide. Local police with the “autumn’s first cup of milk tea” will be touched, successfully saved the suicide girl. After the police patient counseling, the girl told the police out of his mind. Originally, because the parents work in other places, the girl and her sister live with grandparents, the girl felt that he was in life by the family in the cold, there is no bosom friends in school, encountered setbacks, gave birth to the idea of suicide.

So, after this touching and thrilling story, we can learn that the meme brings us not only the usual jokes, but also the stories that touch on each other.

That’s why we’re doing this column for the people who’s watching this.



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